Quran (4:24) (Marrying Slaveย Women)?

Quran (4:24) (Marrying Slave Women)?

Mohamad Mostafa Nassar


The Quranic Verse 4:24 must be read within context: 


One must read all the adjoining Quranic verses in conjunction. Quranic Verses 4:23 to 4:25 are about women that a man is forbidden to MARRY. Quranic Verse 4:24 is about married slave women who had been captured at the battlefield itself and whose previous marriages were made null.

And void because they were unable to go back or had converted to Islam in captivity and didnโ€™t want to go back to their non-Muslim husbands. Muslim women suffered the same fate when they were captured by the enemies.

In fact, history had proven that enemies of Islam have been brutal in treating both Muslim men and women prisoners of war. Such brutality was and still demonstrated when enemies of Islam killed Muslim men or most of them through mass killing and keeping Muslim women.

Modern history of Muslim countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, that were invaded by the non-Muslim countries such as USA, UK, and the Western allies, demonstrates very clearly via authentic documented cases that lots of Muslim women were rapes, and mass graves were discovered in Iraq and other Muslim countries.

The History of the American military brutality in Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, and South-Eastern Asia remains until today in the memory of the people of those countries. In fact, there are some legal cases asking USA to financially compensate the victims or their children remains in courts till today.

That is why Quran hints at this and says that Muslim should not grieve over what they have lost. If there was a treaty, the prisoners of war were always exchanged. It is only when there was none, that prisoners of war were taken as slaves.

Even so, one month had to pass before a slave woman could marry another man, allowing sufficient time for her family to seek her freedom, if they wanted to. These women were either freed, released on payment of ransom, or exchanged with other Muslim prisoners held by the enemy.

Here, Quran is allowing a Muslim man to MARRY from among these women. Quranic Verse 4:25 clearly explains this and creates an additional condition that besides the consent of the woman, the consent of her master/guardian should also be obtained.

The master/guardian was not always the person who slept with her. This is clearly exemplified in this Hadith:

โ€œThere are three people for whom there is a double reward; a person belonging to the Ahl al-Kitab โ€œPeople of the Book=Jews and Christiansโ€ who believes in his own prophet and believes in Muhammad.

And the slave owned by another when he performs his obligations towards Allah and his obligations towards his master, and the man who has a slave girl with him, that he teaches her good manners and instructs her well in polite accomplishment.

And he educates her and gives her a good education, then he sets her free and marries her off.โ€ This tradition is repeated in Bukhari at least six times.  

See also Quranic Verse 4:19, which says:    

Where did those Slaves Come from in the first place?

Allah Exalted He has revealed the last and final divine Universal message of Islam to our Beloved Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him, in a time where Slavery was rife in the Arabic peninsula, so Islam had to deal with an existing chronic massive Problem of Slavery.

In saying that, Islam prohibited the enslavement of anyone- the only time Islam still allows slavery is for the enemy fighters who attacked Islam and Muslims. In other words the enemy prisoners of war are to be kept as slaves and servants as a DETERREN to aggressors who attacked Islam and Muslims.

Islam came to find various types of slavery that ranged from tribes raid other free people and enslave them, buy, sell, and swap them. And obviously mistreat them beside take their women.

Islam prohibited any form of enslavement to any peaceful free people regardless of their race, religion, or ethnicity.

The Only type of slavery that Islam allows is when the hostile enemy of Islam and Muslims takes aggressive offensive measures by starting to attack Islam and Muslims in in way, shape or form.

It is a will-known fact to anyone with common sense that victims reserve the absolute right to defend themselves. Therefore, if enemies of Islam fall in the hands of Muslims as prisoners of wars.

How and why, there is a certain type of Slavery that is still allowed in Islam?

In Islam usually slaves are those the non-Muslim enemy fighters and aggressors who started wars against Muslims and their children. Once they are captured in become prisoners of war at the hands of the Muslim army. The Muslim have four choices in dealing with those fighters and prisoners of war regardless of their gender.

Generally speaking, Muslim Slaves who accepted Islam without any pressure and would have been the children of non-Muslim prisoners of war

1. Return them without a price and peacefully to their place of origin and that is illogical and will encourage them to fight Muslims again.
2. Kill all of them and that would be harsh.
3. Enslave them to work for Muslims and emotionally humiliate them to make them regret fighting Muslims.

Yet treat them well in terms of food, shelter, medication and show them the true teachings of Islam which they were opposing due to the brainwashing Islamophobic black propaganda they grow up with.
4. Exchange the non-Muslim prisoners of war at the hands of the Muslim army with the Muslim prisoners at the hands of non-Muslim army. Or exchange certain benefits, lands, equipment, or any other beneficial things with prisoners of war.

Reiterating again that Islam came to and found various types of Slavery that were unjustified, that is why Islam start to prohibit those types and dry out the main sources of those types of Slavery.

The fact remained that there were slaves and as per the above-mentioned Hadith, our beloved Prophet Muhammed peace be upon, received a slave who wanted to accept Islam.

While the Prophet did not realise that this person was a slave owned by his master and he did not seek his masterโ€™s permission. That is why when his master came to the Prophet seeking to retrieve his slave, the Prophet done the swap which in some views he gave those two black slaves to the master of the slave and kept the slave since he accepted Islam and had agreement with the Prophet.

The Prophet was NOT buying or selling salves as a business nor he was a slave trader, but as part of trying to alleviate existing bad situation. The Prophet had to resolve that situation to the best possible working solution, by keeping the slave who accepted Islam and obviously later freed him.

And the two black slaves were given in exchange to the master and owner of the slave that the Prophet kept and Freed later since he accepted Islam.

Many non-Muslims will misquote the attached Hadith to this article, using it to try to prove that Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him bought, sold, and traded in โ€œSlavesโ€. Obviously, The Glorious Qurโ€™an told us on numerous occasions for some certain sins to be forgiven the solution was to free a neck=free a Slave.

Slaves mentioned in the attached Hadith has the meaning of employees=assistants=workers= helpers for the Prophet who he swapped with others. 

It is one of modern day practices in companies, like employee transfer from a certain workplace to another including changing the employer. Make sure to read about modern day treatment of employees by multinational non Muslim companies across the world, including the Western world. 

Additionally, make sure you read the following important note, to be able to understand within its proper context.

Important Note:

First, we must understand that words such as slave, slavery and alike were used to have meaning such as employee working for his employee or helper.

Word such as Master had the meaning of an employer with modern day terminology, these meaning did NOT only apply within Islam but ALSO almost for everyone including Pagans, Christians, and Jews at the time when they bought, sold, traded, or swapped a โ€œSlaveโ€.

This previous statement demonstrates that we as Muslims if you are going to claim that these terminologies were used as part of Islamic sources reflecting good treatment of slaves.

So, we as Muslims fair enough to use the same standard with other religions and faiths and not automatically claim that only Islam treated slaves well and others treated them bad.

Our claim as Muslims against Christianity is based on accurate account reflected in Biblical verses that promotes slavery in its worst forms and has enabled Medieval Christians, Crusaders and modern era Western colonialists to practise horrendous mass crimes in the name of the Bible that encouraged them to do.

The Problem here is not about what are we calling or naming them, The CRITICAL problem is HOW is each religion and how is the follower of each religion is dealing with and how โ€œSlavesโ€ were treated as per the holy text of the Glorious Qurโ€™an and Authentic Statements of Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him. Or how other religions and its followers treated them.

Let us NOT forget that there is HUGE GLOBAL problems called Modern day Slavery, real slavery where humans including minors are being trafficked for sexual exploitation across the whole world and in particular the Judeo-Christian Western World and under the sight of very โ€œleader of the free worldโ€ the United States.

In fact, it is happening as we speak across the Southern US borders. In Europe women are trafficked from former Soviet Union countries, Eastern Europe and Russia into Europe for sexual exploitations, prostitution, human body parts trade all those huge crimes are happening while there are lot of law enforcement agencies such as Europol, Interpol etc.

Allah knows Best.

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