Early Christians Rejected Trinity

Early Christians Rejected Trinity

Mohamad Mostafa Nassar

We, Muslims are not the only ones who believe that Jesus (peace be upon him) is mortal and not a god so that means we deny the trinity.

The Jews also reject the trinity, in addition to the very first groups of Christianity such as the Ebonites, the Corinthians, the Basilidians, the Capocratians, and the Hypisistarians never know about trinity doctrine at all.

The Arians, Paulicians and Goths also accepted Jesus (peace be upon him) as a prophet of God and against the trinity.

Even in the modern age there are churches in Asia, in Africa, the Unitarian church, the Jehovah’s witnesses, and even the majority of today’s Anglican Bishops do not worship Jesus (peace be upon him) as one in three, as what been report by the”Daily News”25/6/84 under the heading”Shock survey of Anglican Bishops.”

Moreover, the’Socinianism’, the 17th-century Christian also rejects such traditional doctrines as the Trinity and original sin, the founder is Socinus, and his Latinized name of Lelio Francesco Maria Sozzini (1525-1562), the Italian Protestant theologian.

Johannes Greber (1874) a former of Catholic priest in his book’The Communication with the Spirit World of God’in page 371 was written,”As you see, the doctrine of a triune Godhead is not only contrary to common sense, but is entirely unsupported by the Scriptures”. So another priest who was deny the trinity.

A theologians, Edouard Schillebeeckx of the Netherlands in 1979 was writings some article that rejects the doctrine of the Trinity. This caused concern to the Vatican.
Question to Trinitarian Christians:

Why, for thousands of years, did none of God’s prophets teach his people about the Trinity? At the least, would Jesus not use his ability as the Great Teacher to make the Trinity clear to his followers? Would God inspire hundreds of pages of Scripture and yet not use any of this instruction to teach the Trinity if it were the”central doctrine”of faith?

Did the substitute person pay for anyone else’s sins when he was killed on the cross or was, he an innocent unfairly and unjustly killed?

Did Allah deceive Christians by allowing a substitute person on the Cross?

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Early Christians rejected Trinity. They also had major problems and disagreements about who truly Jesus was and whether or not he got crucified or not

Early Christians Rejected Trinity