Did Jesus die for your Sins?

Did Jesus die for your Sins?

Mohamad Mostafa Nassar


According to Christian belief, Jesus died 3 days and 3 nights after the crucifixion. But the Bible tell us “God is eternal, Immortal” meaning not subject to death! (1 Timothy 1:17 & 6:16). This term only applies to God. We ask, that either Jesus is not God or Christian are confused with 1 Timothy 1:17 & 6:16.

******Does Jesus die for your sins?

Penal substitutionary are not teachings of Jesus, Christians are not Judge by Faith believing in Jesus as Lord and Saviour who die for your sin, according to Bible on the Judgment you Will be judged according to your Good and Bad deeds recorded in the Bible.

According to Jesus Christ, his followers will be judged according to the Good and Bad deeds! (Matt 25:31-46, Matt 16:27 / Jhn 5:28-29 / Rev 20:12)

Jesus was not aware of the redemption through his blood. According to Jesus, how his followers can enter eternal life! โ€œKeep the laws of Mosesโ€ ( Matt 19: 16-17, Luke 10:25-28 and Matt 5:17-20) which, that according to Jesus, was the way to eternal life. Salvation could be gained by believing in God, eschewing evil and doing good and not by faith in Jesus as the redeemer who die for sins of mankind.

Jesus also teaches that everyone will pay for his own sins (Matt 13:40-42), to those who commit lawlessness, and God will throw them into the furnace of fire in the place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

From the above evidence, it is clear that Christians have misjudged the teachings of Jesus, that they will be saved by believing in Jesus who died bearing their sins. Without realizing it they will be thrown into Hell as stated in the passage above – very clear!!

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