Religion Of Jesus Or Saint Paul? | Reviewing Belief (Part 1)

Religion Of Jesus Or Saint Paul? | Reviewing Belief (Part 1)

Who was Paul? Paul was a staunch Jew. He was known for his anti-Jesus stance and he had remained in the forefront to punish the Christians. He wanted to destroy the Christianity even during Jesus’ time. Later on he entered into Christianity by stealth only to be able to destroy it from within.

He disguised himself as a super Christian only to destroy the true and pure teachings of Jesus. The result was that today the followers of Jesus are the true followers of Paul. Jesus lost and Paul won.

His doctrines are his own and without any Divine Authority. He has thrust his own version of faith and Christians have mistakenly adopted his erroneous teachings at the cost of the teachings of Jesus Christ. Paul has mostly done away with the teachings of Jesus and instead has propagated his own brand of teachings.

What was the big idea? Eliminate GOD given Laws and teachings and introduce his own version of faith. Moreover Paul was a commoner as such he had no right to interfere with the Divine teachings of a prophet.

Also, he had no authority to overrule, mitigate and demolish Divine teachings enunciated by Jesus. Paul has caused great deviations and adulterations into
Christianity by introducing his own false doctrines. Thus Paul has caused tremendous spiritual loss to true Christianity. Today Christians are losers in their Religion.

Christians with wisdom can themselves evaluate the two teachings and notice contradictions and contrast. For this duality only Christians are to Blame them. On their own they have chosen, mainly due to misguided oratory of Church authorities, the wrong path. Though Paulinic doctrine is catchy to accept, but it is patently false. During the life time of Jesus, Paul had remained a staunch opponent of Jesus Christ.

Acts 22:3-5
“I am a Jew, born in Tarsus of Cilicia, but brought up in this city. I studied under Gamaliel and was thoroughly trained in the law of our ancestors. I was just as zealous for God as any of you are today. I persecuted the followers of this Way to their death, arresting both men and women and throwing them into

Prison, as the high priest and all the Council can themselves testify. I even obtained letters from them to their associates in Damascus, and went there to bring these people as prisoners to Jerusalem to be punished.

Acts2 6:10-11
“And that is just what I did in Jerusalem. On the authority of the chief priests I put many of the Lord’s people in prison, and when they were put to death, I cast my vote against them. Many a time I went from one synagogue to another to have them punished, and I tried to force them to blaspheme. I was so obsessed with persecuting them that I even hunted them down in foreign cities.

He continued to remain so for fourteen years even after the departure of Jesus Christ from the world. Paul being a Jew even tortured and got killed many of Jesus’ followers. He was personally present at the stoning to death of Saint Stephen— the first Christian martyr.
His own words are

1 Corinthians 15:9
“For I am the least of the apostles and do not even deserve to be called an apostle because I persecuted the Church of God.”

At 1 Timothy 1:13 Paul confesses
“Even though I was once a blasphemer and a persecutor and a violent man
So, firstly we can conclude that before the departure of Jesus Christ Paul was his

OpponentA Jew who visited synagogueA blasphemer and persecutorA violent man , who persecuted the Church of GodHe punished Jesus’ followers

Young Paul being a Jew was a regular visitor of Synagogue. There he fell in love with the beautiful daughter of the Chief Rabbi. Paul wanted to marry her but the Chief Rabbi refused her hand to him. Paul became disappointed, dejected and depressed at his failure. He lost interest in life and also in the Synagogue.
He stopped visiting the Synagogue. He became aloof and alone. He needed some other class of people with whom he could associate.

The work of Paul:

Then Fourteen years after the departure of Jesus from the world, according to Paul’s own statement, Jesus Christ appeared to him in a vision, which was caused to him due to a severe sun-stroke while he was on his way from Jerusalem to Damascus (Syria).

In that vision Jesus asked him as to why was he persecuting his innocent followers? That moved the heart of Paul and from then onwards the hostile attitude of Paul against Jesus’s followers changed and he became the follower of Jesus Christ. Paul at last found his place with a new class of people with whom to associate.

Paul had an access amongst the peoples who were living in far off lands across Mediterranean Sea in areas around Rome, Greece and Turkey which were all in the Roman Empire. The Pagan and Gentile people living in those areas were worshipping sun, other stars, planets, stones and various deities and idols.

Like ancient Egyptians they used to believe in Pagan Trinity as well. Paul was well acquainted with their traditions, customs, cultures and beliefs. Polytheism was rampant amongst Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Persian Pagans and Gentiles of that time. He understood well their inclinations towards Pagan form of worship-the Trinity and deities.

Paul was an intelligent and a shrewd man. He began to influence Pagan beliefs through his clever use of words. He was a persuasive orator who could play with words. Dialectical acrobatics was his art. His ability to write was superb. His letters to various newly raised Churches are a proof of it. He was capable but a complex man who was mentally and spiritually torn from within. Paul beguiled his listeners. He fooled them.

New Brand of Christianity:

Paul claimed that the spirit used to come to him in visions and used to suggest to him a New Brand of Christianity. But that modified form of Christianity was fundamentally different from that which was preached by Jesus. So there arose a serious conflict of opinion between Paul and the original followers of Jesus who used to strictly follow monotheism which was preached by Jesus Christ. Jesus himself used to pray to GOD. He used to fast as well.

Despite the opposition, Paul continued to preach the modified form of Christianity. His aim was to catch as many followers as he could muster. Paul compromised the Jesus’s belief with the belief of the Pagans and Gentiles. Paul modified the teachings of original Christianity with his new brand of falsehood and imagery. Paul gave them an alternate god in the person of Jesus Christ to worship. But this was contrary to the laws of nature and what Jesus himself had taught and preached.

Pagans and Gentiles thought that they got a nearer god in the person of Jesus as against their distant gods. Paul borrowed the belief of Trinity from Pagans and gave it to Christians in the form of Divine Trinity. It was God, the son and the Holy Ghost. Or, the Father, the word and the Holy Ghost. Or, the water, the blood and Jesus. All these three combinations of Trinity are nothing but blasphemies. The most heinous sin of all sins with GOD.

Paul took some from Christianity and some from Pagans and Gentiles and started projecting his own new brand of theology i.e. Paulinism. He left no stone  unturned to achieve his end. Instead of Jesus, Paul himself became the preacher to Christians. Jesus has referred himself in Bible as a Servant, as a Prophet, as a
Son of man, as a Slave and as a Student. Jesus never claimed that he was a biological son of GOD or that he himself was GOD incarnate.

Obviously there was violent opposition from Jesus’s apostles and old camp followers of Jesus- particularly from Barnabas (Chapter of Acts). James who was the younger brother of Jesus Christ and who was at that time the Head of the Church and also the head of his little group of apostles considered Paul as a traitor to the teachings of Jesus. James and his followers considered Paul as an enemy to Jesus’s thoughts and teachings.

They considered him a renegade and a polluted person and advised him to repent. They even advised him, as an act of atonement, to shave the hair off his head and purify him. (Acts 21:24)

Despite the fact that Jesus had instructed his disciples not to spread the word of his Gospel to non Israelites. Paul insisted on preaching to Pagans and to Gentiles and that too a deviated faith of his own making. Paul was an astute man. He did not listen to them. His aim was to reap a bigger harvest.

While Paul was going to Pagans, the true followers of Jesus Christ, who were called Judeo-Christians, continued to pray at the Synagogues. The religious and ideological differences between the two groups were widening. The Judeo-Christian group of James was calling Paul a tactical Double Dealer. (Chapter Acts).

Paul wanted his new modified form of Christianity to separate itself and get clear out of the Synagogue as he was not tolerated there any more. His move was both religious and political. Now his purpose was better served by being outside the Synagogue. He wanted a clear break from the Synagogue. He wanted to conduct Jesus worship at another place. Forty years after Jesus, he finally raised a building and called it a Church.

Thus Paul moved out of Synagogue and formed his own Church to practice his modified form of Christianity— based on TRINITY. This was of own design and making having no Divine Authority. Doctrines of Trinity and Jesus’s crucifixion were his brain inventions which were based on hearsay stories. They were not based on any proof or any factual evidence. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John wrote their canonical Gospels much after, under Paul’s overwhelming spell.

Even then the evidence is missing in the four Gospels. TRINITY and crucifixion were his main theological instruments to influence men. But both instruments are false and Bible reading is proof of it. At the new Church, Paul got greater importance than what he had ever got at the Synagogue.

So with far more enthusiasm he began to reach out to the Pagans and to the Gentiles with success. In order to win over confidence and faith of these Pagan peoples Paul grossly compromised on principles, teachings and preaching of Jesus.

In order to reap a bigger harvest of his followers he opened the door of his own form of Christianity to all Pagans and Gentiles of the Roman Empire. His results were encouraging, though his doctrines were, and are, patently false. The letters which Paul wrote to various newly raised Christian denominations are for some unknown reason included in the Bible. Otherwise rest of the Bible contains only Prophets Stories.

Why a commoner’s writings were included in Bible. They are regarded by today’s Christians as a part of New Testament. Any one can notice the contradictions between Paul’s teachings and that of Jesus Christ. Paul was a complex and multifaceted person who by his whims and fancies has devastated the true religion of Jesus. Today modern Christians are educated.

They need not be like Pagans and Gentiles of Paul’s times who accepted and adopted Pagan beliefs and practices without question. They should accept Jesus and reject Paul. Disciples of Jesus maintained that Jesus was not killed on the cross because Testament One says that whoever dies by being hung on a tree is accursed. (Galatians 3:13)

And Jesus most certainly was not accursed. But Paul maintained that Jesus was killed on the cross and then buried. Both are wrong. Writings of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were a later day writings. Therefore they are heavily influenced by Paul’s line of thinking and writings. There is no clear evidence from Bible that Jesus was really crucified. The story of crucifixion is false and entirely concocted. Jesus was honorably raised to heaven by angels without any crucifixion.

Therefore the question of his burial and Easter does not arise at all. Stories of crucifixion and burial are cooked up stories and careful studies of the four Gospels are a proof of it. There is only one birth and one death for every one and not two as Gospels would make us believe. Unfortunately Jesus did not leave any written word. Hence the confusion arose.

According to Paul. “The Law” was all right up to the time of Jesus. But now the same Law which Jesus had propagated and practiced had become null and void only within 30 years after the departure of Jesus from the world. According to Paul man became free of “The Law”. Now man need not to pray to ONE TRUE GOD. He can pray to Jesus instead. Most important of Paul’s teachings is that man becomes righteous by “Faith” and “Grace” of Jesus and not so much by his deeds alone.

According to him every human being is born with an inherited sin from Adam. Paul said that man’s sins shall not be forgiven unless he believes that God Almighty sent His only son Jesus Christ to the earth. Here Jesus was to be tortured and killed on the cross by men as atonement for Adam’s sin which every man has inherited from Adam. All this is wrong. All these matters are of deviated faith. Jesus never preached or taught any such thing.

Examples for Christians:

1. Pagans and Gentiles used to celebrate Sunday as a holiday in honor of their god—the Sun. Paul therefore replaced Saturday the day of Sabbath of Jews with Sunday to coincide with the holiday of Pagans. Christmas originated from a pagan festival birthday of roman sun god mithra the ancient Romans worshiped tree that’s why tree decoration became a part of Christmas.

Christmas was originated at 354 AD. What? 354 years after Jesus left this world? Of course Jesus’ disciple never kept or celebrated Christmas 25 December was the birthday of pagan roman sun god mithra and not Jesus Christ

2. The Pagans and the Gentiles used to observe 25th of December as the birthday of their god—the Sun. Paul adopted this date also to be the symbolic birthday of Jesus Christ.

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