16 Beautiful Characters of Prophet Jesus in the Bible

16 Beautiful Characters of Prophet Jesus in the Bible

Mohamad Mostafa Nassar


1. He love Allah (John 14:31).

2. He believe Allah as his Lord and Creator (Mark 12:29).

3. He worship Allah alone (Luke 12:6)

4. He submitted himself entirely to Allah alone (Matthew 7:21).

5. He call to worship Allah alone (Luke 4:8).

6.He was a Prophet of Allah (Luke 26:19), Matthew 21:11).

7.He was sent by Allah unto the lost sheep house of Israel (Matthew 15:24).

8.He let us know he is man (John 8:40-50).

9.He bow down in worship with his face on the ground and prayed (Matthew 26:39).

10.He Supplicated to his God to let the cup(death), pass away on him(Matthew 26:39,Luke 22:40-43).

11.And he was successful to his supplications which God did not allowed him to die(Hebrew 5:7).

12 .He shows the way of achieving life eternal(Salvation), not by his death, not by his Sonship ,not his any system, except by believing with One true Allah, and to know him Jesus as a Messenger(John 17:3).

13 .He follow Allah commands (John 5:30).

14. He believe only Allah knew the Day of Judgment (the Hour) (Mark 13:31-32).

15. He believe Allah is greater than him (John 14:28).

16. He believe in Muhammad as Comforter ,and the seal of the Prophets(John 16:12-14).

Short explanation about the Comforter:

In this English Bible Jesus did not mention Muhammad name ,but he definitely indicated that the comforter is not but human being, and Muhammad is a human that came after Jesus, who have millions and billions followers more than all the Prophets that mentioned in the Bible, the population of his followers proved Muhammad to be real Prophet from Allah, because a lies words will not last long, will not convinced billions and millions of people, only a truth words will do so.

Jesus have already let us know who he was, it is left for me and you to accept , but he have done the job that was giving to him by his Lord.