Yahweh is Found all over the old testament BUT not once in the new testament, Why?

This is an important argument to use against Christians who claim Jesus to be God!

In the old Testament the name of God is constantly used is Yahweh, while this name isn’t used at all by Jesus for even one single time in the entire New Testament.

  • This shows that there’s huge discrepancy in the bible
  • Old and New Testament seem to be tampered/corrupted heavily

Sometimes the Christian speakers raise this question, why there is no connection between the god name in the bible (May it be old or new) , Yahweh and God name in Quran. If it is the same God who revealed them, why is there no connection between the names something like that.

The issue with Hebrew name of God is:

1) It is not ‘Yahweh’ in the bible, rather YHWH, no one knows actual pronunciation.

In general, Jewish scholars pronounced it as Yahweh (yet it does not mean its correct pronunciation),

So, it is not linguistically a correctly pronounced name. Once Jews/Christians solve this mystery of actual full form of the word YHWH, then we would be able to relate the biblical name of God to Quranic name

2) for the sake of Argument let us accept the biblical name of God is rightly pronounced as Yahweh.

Then as Ahmed Deedat pointed out Yahweh sounds similar to YA Hayyu (يا حيُّ) in the Quran

Just as ‘Eloh’ in the New Testament is like ALLAH in the Quran.

3) if above two are not convincing enough to them then we can say:

Name of God in different languages does not have to be exactly the same in Arabic. Even in Arabic Allah has 99 diff names, so several other languages revealed to other prophets could well be another beautiful but different name.

This is an interesting point.

The Hebrew word יהוה‎ also referred to as the tetragrammaton is the name Allah SWT calls himself according to the Old Testament. It appears over 6800 times however no one today knows how to pronounce this 4-letter word because according to Jewish tradition it was only able to be said aloud in the Temple. Having no temple’s today, modern Jews & bible scholars have no idea how it sounds.

Some believe the pronunciation is YHWH or JHVH or Jehovah or Yahweh, but I personally believe these are all incorrect because the individual letters of יהוה‎ would are “yod – he – waw – he” which does not sound like any of the above.

So, when Jew’s read this word today in the Torah, they say Adonai (“Lord”) or HaShem (“The Name”)

The reason this word does not appear in the new testament is because they use the word “Lord” – when you read most Bibles today, you’ll see the word “Lord” wherever יהוה‎ was originally written.

Something interesting … Turn יהוה‎ upside down … It looks a lot like الله‎ … just my own little observation.

Another note is that Allah SWT is & always been 1 & only 1

In the Torah, Bible & Holy Quran

The disgraceful idea that Jesus pbuh was divine or part god was an invention by the pagan Roman Emperor Constantine I in AD 325 at the First Council of Nicaea & this is a matter of fact & history that any biblical scholar cannot say otherwise.

How Christians relate to the Name YAHWEH quite messed up. It is corruption in both translation and text level.

Allah SWT called himself יהוה‎ in Hebrew to the Jews in their language … It is a 4 letter Hebrew word which has the same essential root meaning & context as الله‎ in Arabic which English is “The God” as in “The One & Only God”.

And then the Christian’s corrupted it by changing it to Lord.

The Hebrew word יהוה‎, is in the Old Testament which at times is translated as YHWH.

In the New testament the word יהוה does not appear in Greek, isn’t it? Or am I missing something?

Also, the word ‘Lord’ in the New Testament does not have its origin as יהוה!

Rather It would be the Greek word ‘Κύριος’ (translates as Lord)

However, I do get the point that Christian scholars would say that Κύριος (Lord) is the equivalent of יהוה (YHWH)

  1. From my perspective the word יהוה‎ الله‎ are the same in two different languages. Both are 4 letter words that have the same root, meaning & conclusion – “The One & Only God” in English
  2. The New Testament was NOT written by a Prophet – at best we could say the New Testament is the same as the hadith’s in Islam as they were written by the companions of Jesus pbuh – and to be more correct 13 books of the New Testament was written by Paul who never even met Jesus pbuh.
  3. The Greek word Κύριος is essentially “Lord” which is a corruption of what should have been יהוה‎ but because Jews have lost the pronunciation for יהוה‎ and replaced it with Adonai (Hebrew word for Lord) the New Testament today says Lord when it actually is יהוה‎
  4. When Jesus pbuh talked about God to his companions who would have only used the word יהוה‎ as all observant Jews would have at the time. Allah knows Best.

Mohamad Mostafa Nassar

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