Some of the Scientific Evidence to prove the existence of Almighty God-Allah

Some of the Scientific Evidence to prove the existence of Almighty God-Allah

Mohamad Mostafa Nassar


Just in case Atheist ask for proof that God-Allah exists or any Non-Muslims: Here is proof 

How is this possible 1400 years Ago?

Came true by Modern Scientific facts

Out of thousands of miraculous signs mentioned in Holy Quran: some of miraculous signs are here for disbeliever in comparison to established scientific facts by today’s modern science:  

1- Initially, the universe was big mass (joint)-then split apart (Big Bang-theory: Modern science): -Holy Quran:21:30.  

2- Initially, celestial matter (sky) was a huge gaseous form (smoke; Modern science): -Holy Quran: 41:11.  

3- Light of moon is not its own light, its reflected light (Modern science): -Holy Quran: -25:61, 10:5, 71:15-16.  

4- Earth is not flat, it is spherical (geo-spherical) by Francis Drake in 1597: -Holy Quran 79:30, 31:29, 39:5.  

5- Interstellar space has bridges of matter (plasma; Modern science)-Holy Quran 25:59.  

6- Universe is expanding by Edwin Hubble 1925: -Holy Quran: 51:47.  

7- Earth is not stood still in the centre of universe, it is the sun in the centre as stationery and Earth rotates around the sun by Nicholas Copernicus 1512, sun is also not stationary: sun rotates around its own axis while moves through space (Today’s science): -Holy Quran:21:33, 36:40.  

8- Earth and moon are not still, its rotating around sun and own axis by Yohannus keppler 1609: -Holy Quran:21:33,36:40.  

9- Sun light due to its surface chemical combustion process will extinguish after a certain period (Modern science): -Holy Quran:36:38.  

10- Atom is not the smallest particle, its electron and proton (smallest) after splitting atom (Atomisation theory): -Holy Quran:34:3.  

11- Cloud rise then condensed by wind then rain (Water Cycle), by Bernard Palissy 1580: -Holy Quran:30:48, 15:22, 23:18, 39:21. 

12- Underground lakes (Aristotle theory 19th century); are not feeding the earth and spring; it is the rainwater seeping into earth (today’s science): -Holy Quran: 23:18,30:24,39:21.  

13- Winds condense the clouds causing rain (Modern science: Water Cycle): -Holy Quran: 15:22.  

14- Mountains are like peg shapes and fixed firmly on earth to provide earth stability by Frank Press book: The Earth: -Holy Quran: 76:6-7, 21:31, 79:32.  

15- Transitional homogeneous area (unseen barrier) between two sea (Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean at Gibraltar, river Nile into Mediterranean Sea in Egypt) is an unseen barrier which, after water meet does not let that water mix,

change color and temperature-both are different in taste, touch and color even though they mix (by William Hay, Professor Rao: Marine Geologists): -Holy Quran:55:19-20, 27:61, 25:53.  

16- There is darkness in deep vast oceans (under 25km into deep water a man cannot see bleeding and red color and cannot survive under 200km): -Holy Quran: 24:40. 

17- Every living thing is made up of water (cells-cytoplasm-80%water): -Holy Quran: 21:30, 24:45, 25:54.

18- Plants have male and female sexes (Botany): -Holy Quran: 20:53.

19- Fruits are in male and female (End product of reproduction) Botany: -Holy Quran: 13:3.  

20- Animals and birds live in communities (today’s research): -Holy Quran: 6:38.

21- Complicated flights of birds are programmed into their nervous cells by professor Hamburger book: Power and Fragility: -Holy Quran: 67:19.  

22- Honey bee has a skill (Bee dance) to find food gardens by Von Frisch 1973 Nobel Prize and Worker bee are not male, its female bee: -Holy Quran: 16:68-69. 

23- Ants speak and communicate with each other (today’s science): -Holy Quran: 27:17-18.  

24- Honey heals the wound by delaying bacterial growth (2nd world war-Russian army used), now in medicines.: -Holy Quran: 16:69.  

25- Initially, human Embryo looks like leech, by Professor Keith Moore 1982: -Holy Quran:96:1-2.  

26- One out of average 3 million sperms (minute quantity) is enough for fertilisation by Professor Keith Moore 1982: -Holy Quran: 22:5, 23:13. 

27- Child Gender (male or female) does not depend upon female, its male (sperm) by Professor Keith Moore 1982: -Holy Quran:53:45-46, 75:37-39.  

28- Fetus is protected by 3 layers: i) anterior abdominal wall of the mother ii) the uterine wall iii) the amnio-chorionic membrane by modern embryology: -Holy Quran: 39:6.  

29- Fetus develops hearing first (24th week) then sight (28th week) by modern embryology: -Holy Quran: 32:9, 76:2, 23:78.  

30- Every human has different fingertips (fingerprints) by Francis Golt-1880.: -Holy Quran:75:3-4. 

31- Pain receptors do not exist in the brain; it exists in the skin (deep burn-dead skin pain receptors-no pain on pin sticks in the deep burn area) by Professor Tajason-Thailanad. -Holy Quran: 4:56 verifies that Pain receptors does not exist in brain as they exist in skin confirmed by today’s medical science:

Those who reject Our signs, we shall soon Cast into the Fire; As often as their skins Are roasted through, we shall change them for fresh skins, that they may taste The Penalty: for Allah Is Exalted in Power, Wise.” [Al- Qur’an 4:56]

Prof. Tagatat

Prepared by Mohamad Mostafa Nassar-

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