The Reverting to Islam story of the Egyptian former Coptic Orthodox Priest: Wadi Fathi

The Reverting to Islam story of the Egyptian former Coptic Orthodox Priest: Wadi Fathi

Mohamad Mostafa Nassar


What disturbed me about my religion during my Christianity, and drew my attention to Islam, is that we have been subjected to Islamic Sharia while we are Christians in the matter of inheritance, due to Christians having no Sharia of inheritance.

And, when my older sister married while we were Orthodox, from a Protestant man without our knowledge. And we learned after marriage, and a priest came to blame my father for this marriage, and when we asked about the legality of this marriage,

They told us that it is forbidden, and my sister should be divorced from her husband by Islamic law, because in Christianity there is no divorce due to the difference of the nation and sect, and marriage from outside the sect is free. M by m the orders of Al-Batarka= Clergy in the Church, each of them disbelieves the other sect 0000, There is no solution to this conflict except by resorting to Islamic Sharia.

And further and covered as they say that the Orthodox Christian actress (Hala Sedki) divorced her Orthodox husband by the Islamic withdrawal law, because the Orthodox does not have a divorce due to the severe separation between the couple, Patriarch Shenouda appeared on TV agreeing to her divorce and they allowed her by marrying another man and He said:

There is no objection to resort to the Islamic Sharia, in addition to the Christian Sharia (which was introduced by Patriarch Cyril VI and the Financial Council fifty years ago), and he said until we could introduce new laws in line with the age.

In 1988, when my father died, I asked at the church why we don’t have Christian laws, or we follow Jewish law, they told me: There are no Christian or Jewish laws to inherit. I was astonished, when I thought that there were laws, even if they were from the position of the fathers of Christ’s disciples, or the priests. They told me that the Patriarch will make a law for us by the Holy Spirit.

While in Islam we find a complete law for everything, in the Qur’an and the Prophetic Sunnah, everything that comes to the mind of humans, and laws and regulations for all transactions, trade, and the rules of all worships, and the right stories without blasphemy of the prophets, and without stories of adultery and vulgar sexual speech.

And true education H E W E W And the parables, and everything about destiny, about Heaven and Hell, and the events of the Day of Resurrection, the events of the people in Heaven and in Hell, and about the unseen things like Satan and the jinn, their origin and their conditions, the path, the barbaric and the grave…. Etc.

Islam has a specific worship by the Book and the Sunnah, not different from country to country, public and individual daily worships, of fasting, prayer, charity, Zakat, Umrah and Hajj. No human being has anything to do with it, nor the Prophet Muhammad himself, the best prayers and peace be upon him.

And for Muslims there are only one feasts mentioned in the book and the Sunnah: Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha and Friday. It was not put by humans, and it is not for humans.

And for all Muslims around the world, one pilgrimage in one place, one worship and one ritual.

And all of this has no equal in Christianity at all.

For these reasons and other things, I found that Islam is an integrated religion and has a complete Sharia, and does not need a Sharia other than Islam, and everything in it is judged by its writing and the Sunnah of the Prophet, and all points to Allah alone.

So, I said to myself: Angry for yourself, and I surrendered my face to Allah alone, who has no partner, so thank you. May you be blessed in this world and the afterlife. May Allah guide you.

Wadi Fathi, may Allah have mercy on him.

From the page of Wajeeh Al-Maliki

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