Why did Allah create evil?

Why did Allah create evil?

Mohamad Mostafa Nassar


First of this is a wrong question bc Allah doesn’t create full evil __i.e: all His actions are good yet the evil happens bc of our sins

You must be certain that evil is not from Allah but uses it to warn you if you are Non Muslim and forgive your sins if you are Muslim

Allah says

“But whenever good came to them, they said: ‘Ours is this.’ And if evil afflicted them, they ascribed it to evil omens connected with Moosa (Moses) and those with him”

[al-A’raaf 7:131]

So evil is punishment of sins?

Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen (may Allaah have mercy on him) was asked:

Allaah says :

“And if some good reaches them, they say, ‘This is from Allaah,’ but if some evil befalls them, they say, ‘This is from you (O Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم).’ Say: ‘All things are from Allaah’”

[al-Nisa’ 4:78],

Prophet Muhammad of course says

By the One in Whose hand is my soul, no worry or grief or hardship befalls a believer, not even a thorn that pricks him, but Allaah will expiate some of his sins thereby.” End quote. Tafseer al-Qur’aan il ‘Azeem (2/361-363).

Then in the next verse He says : “Whatever of good reaches you, is from Allaah, but whatever of evil befalls you, is from yourself”.

Qataadah said:
“Whatever of good reaches you, is from Allaah, but whatever of evil befalls you, is from yourself” [means] it is a punishment, O son of Adam, for your sins. And he said: We are told that the Prophet of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) used to say:

“No man is scratched by a thorn, or stumbles, or has a twitching in a vein, except for a sin, and what Allaah forgives is greater.”

And as Allah says ;

“And among mankind is he who worships Allaah as it were upon the edge (i.e. in doubt): if good befalls him, he is content therewith; but if a trial befalls him he turns back on his face (i.e. reverts to disbelief after embracing Islam). He loses both this world and the Hereafter”

[al-Hajj 22:11]

So let’s return to Allah and then he will treat us as this Ayah says:

7:96) And if the people of the towns had believed and had the Taqwa (piety), certainly, We should have opened for them blessings from the heaven and the earth, but they belied (the Messengers). So We took them (with punishment) for what they used to earn (polytheism and crimes, etc.).

Therefore the only solution is repentance to Allah not disbelief or blaming Allah

Iblees the father of evil

Satan refused to prostrate in honor to Adam

39. (Iblis) said: “O my Lord! because Thou hast put me in the wrong, I will make (wrong) fair-seeming to them on the earth, and I will put them all in the wrong,-

40. “Except Thy servants among them, sincere and purified (by Thy Grace).”

41. (Allah) said: “This (way of My sincere servants) is indeed a way that leads straight to Me.

43. And verily, Hell is the promised abode for them all!

44. To it are seven gates: for each of those gates is a (special) class (of sinners) assigned.


Absolute evil is not by Allah at all.


Another answer from the angel of Al Qadar Predestination

Qadar is the 6th pillar of faith and ALL Muslims have to believe in them Is devided into two parts

1- Absolute evil and purposeful evil

2- Absolute evil does not befit Allah.

Allah will never permit absolute or pure evil from Him on earth, no way!

Because it’s zero per cent goodness/ Good ordainment. And WHAT WE CONSIDER AS bad evil

It is the purposeful evil

Allah will put you to test to raise your rank

Think of Albert Einstein

His teacher said his exams were full of errors but later got Nobel Prise 1921

Think of

Thomas Edison was expelled from the school because teachers thought that “he was too stupid to learn anything.” Later, he invented many things such as light bulb,

registered more than 1000 patents. His overall schooling is 3 Months

Think of poor scientists who became so rich afterwards


Allah DOES not cause pure/absolute evil

But purposeful evil

Though you see something bad even the death of your son at a young age .

In that is goodness

Look at the story of Khidr with Moses in Surat El Kahf

In that are many lessons to learn

Al khidr did crimes in the eyes of Moses but they were benefits in the eyes of Allah

As Allah knew That son would have become rough and tough a criminal who would spoil the land and would have render his parents disbelievers

Al khidr

1. Killed a son .

2. Caused a ship to dive

3- Didnt accept hosting of the people

4- Worked with no wage

There is a story in Surat Cave which brings 3 types of destiny

They all look evil for us but in them is the good that only Allah knows

1. known fate:

After it happens you realise it’s not evil but it was good for u

2. Unknown fate:

You will never know why

3. The third fate will never known by anybody except Allah

Credit: Ask A Muslim

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