Refuted: A Lie About Prophet Muhammad’s Parents- When did his father die?

Refuted: A Lie About Prophet Muhammad’s Parents

Mohamad Mostafa Nassar

[email protected]

An Ignorant, Malicious and False Claim has been made against the Parentage of the Prophet Muhammad

An erroneous allegation (by an Islamophobe) has been which claims that Prophet Muhammad’s father is unknown as his mother had an affair with  “somebody” after the death of her husband (Abdullah), the claimant also alleges that Prophet Muhammed was born four years after the death of Abdullah.

In an act of responsibility it would be wise to state this article is not written due to dispute concerning the parentage of the Prophet Muhammed (p). It is agreed upon by historians, genealogists and theologians alike that the parents of Prophet Muhammad were Amina and Abdullah.

It is consensus amongst all authorities, there has never been dispute, controversy or any complexity related to this subject amongst authorities

Then, Why Produce an Article proving the Parentage of Prophet Muhammad (p)?

It is a pre-emptive article to make ensure false claims do not gain credence on the internet, after all, the internet is a place where malicious and misinformed claims flourish if good people sit on their hands.

ALL scholarly authority agree upon Amina and Abdullah being the parents of Prophet Muhammad, thus a claim on the contrary would be inaccurate and odd, to say the least. So this article proving the parentage of Prophet Muhammad is simply written in order to prevent false information being spread by Islamophobes on the internet

NOTE: Abdullah can be written as “Abd’Allah” and Amina can be written as Aminah

Authority tells us Abdullah (Abd’Allah) was the Father of Prophet Muhammad

The quickest way to show the Islamophobe’s claim to be false is to prove that Prophet Muhammad’s father was Abdullah

Let us look at scholarly authority, Ibn Kathir confirms Prophet Muhammad’s father to be Abdullah

Ibn Kathir states â€œhe (Prophet Muhammad) was the son of Abd’Allah who was in turn the son of his father Abd’al Muttalib” [1]

So Ibn Kathir, a classical expert in the life of Prophet Muhammad, states Prophet Muhammad’s father was Abdullah

What do the Genealogies tell us?

To further point to expertise and the unanimous agreement amongst scholars concerning Prophet Muhammad being the son of Abdullah and Amina we can look to the genealogies.

Ibn Hisham and al Tabari both confirm thaat Prophet Muhammad as the “son of Abdullah” whilst giving a list of his genealogy [2] [3]

The genealogy in A Chronology of Islamic History confirms Abdullah as the father of Prophet Muhammad and Amina as Prophet Muhammad’s mother. [4]

Other Biographers Confirm Abdullah and Amina to be the Parents of Prophet Muhammad

Al Mubarakpuri mentions the accepted fact of Abdullah being â€œthe father of Prophet Muhammad (p)”. [5]

Karen Armstrong names Prophet Muhammad’s father as Abdullah [6] [7]

Quite simply there has never been a dispute related to the parentage of Prophet Muhammad in scholarly circles as all the authorities have always been in agreement on Abdullah being the father of Prophet Muhammad. This clearly illustrates the Islamophobe claiming otherwise is wrong, badly wrong.

Did Abdullah Marry Amina? Yes.

Al Mubarakpuri  confirms this by telling us the grandfather of Prophet Muhammad (Abdul Muttalib) chose Aminah, daughter of Wahb bin Abd Manaf bin Zuhra bin Kilab as a wife for his son, Abdullah. [8]

He goes further and informs us â€œthey were married in Makkah= Mecca, and soon after Abdullah was sent by his father” on a trade journey to either Madina or Syria (two versions) [8]

Another biographer, Yahiya Emerick, informs us of Amina telling of signs of pregnancy after Abdullah left for the trade journey. [9]

Abdullah Passed Away Whilst on a Trade Journey

On the way back from this trade journey, Prophet Muhammad’s father passed away [10]. Karen Armstrong writes “Muhammad’s father Abdullah died before Prophet Muhammad was born”.

“Most historians state his (Abdullah’s) death was two months before the birth of Prophet Muhammad. Some others state his death was two or more months after the Prophet’s birth” [10]

Prophet Muhammad also told us his father was Abdullah (Abd’Allah)

Prophet Muhammad told us who his father was Abdullah (Abd’Allah) whilst giving his genealogy to us:

“I am Prophet Muhammad son of Abd’Allah bin Abd’Muttalib bin Hashim bin Abd’Manaf
 “(he went on to give mention to his forefathers all the way up to and including bin Nizar) [11]

In the same narration Prophet Muhammad tells us: â€œI was the product of true marriage, not fornication, right down from Adam to my father and mother”.  [12]

Ibn Kathir lists other supporting narrations saying the same thing [13]

So what we have here is Prophet Muhammad confirming his parentage; i.e. his father is Abdullah and he was a product of true marriage thus any claims of him being born four years after the death of his father (Abdullah) are erroneous (false) and any claims of his mother (Amina) having an affair which bore Prophet Muhammed is shown to be erroneous too.

All Prophet Muhammad’s contemporaries considered him to be the son of Abdullah

Prophet Muhammad’s mother passed away whilst he was a young boy and he then â€œlived with his grandfather Abdul Muttalib” [14]. Thus everybody saw Abd al Muttalib as Prophet Muhammad’s grandfather and therefore considered Abdullah as the father of Prophet Muhammad as Abdullah was the son of Abdul Muttalib.

After the passing on of his grandfather; â€œProphet Muhammad went to live with his uncle Abu Talib” [15]. Abu Talib was the brother of Abdullah. Once again, this shows us the community and the family of Prophet Muhammad considered Prophet Muhammad to be the son of Abdullah.

Muhammad’s Enemies Confirm Abdullah to be his Father

Whilst agreeing the contract/treaty of Hudaibiyah the Prophet initially wanted his name signed as “Prophet Muhammad, the messenger of Allah” but his enemies disagreed and wanted him to use his own name and the name of his father and thus the treaty was signed with the name “Prophet Muhammad, the son of Abdullah” [16]. Thus showing even the enemies of Prophet Muhammad considered Abdullah to be the father of Prophet Muhammad.

I merely mention these extra points to further illustrate there was no disagreement concerning the parentage of Prophet Muhammad, everybody knew his mother to be Aminah and his father to be Abdullah.

Looking at the False Claims

Having presented all the incontrovertible evidence we can look at the false claim made by ONE dubious missionary/Islamophobe. Before doing so it is worth noting this “missionary” has a history of falsehood and is infamous for making up his own Biblical verses, such is his lack of regard for accuracy and honesty!

The Islamophobe wants us to believe Prophet Muhammad’s father is not Abdullah

We have already seen Abdullah being confirmed as the father of Prophet Muhammad by authorities such as al Mubarakpuri, Ibn Hisham and Ibn Kathir

Ibn Kathir states â€œhe (Prophet Muhammad) was the son of Abd’Allah who was in turn the son of his father Abd’ al Muttalib”.

So the missionary/Islamophobe is simply making stuff up.

The Islamophobe claims Prophet Muhammad was born four years after the death of Abdullah

Well, we have already stated:

Most historians state his (Abdullah’s) death was two months before the birth of Prophet Muhammad (p). Some others state his death was two or more months after the Prophet’s birth. [10]

So the missionary is making stuff up. NOBODY believes he was born four years after the death of his father, Abdullah.

The Islamophobe claims Prophet Muhammad was born due to an affair on the part of Aminah

It is depressing to note this “man” (the Islamophobe) would make such a claim against a lady’s honour without any regard for truth or decency. Such is this “man’s” nature

As we have seen every authority recognises Abdullah (the husband of Amina) to be the father of Prophet Muhammad and thus proves Amina is free from wrong doing. However, the defence of Amina also comes through Al Kalbi who studied Muhammad’s maternal ancestors (including Amina). Al Kalbi confirms Amina did not have an affair

Al Kalbi who investigated the maternal genealogy of Muhammad (including Amina) found no fornication in any one of them:

Muhammad bin Sa’d said, Hisham bin Muhammad al Kalbi informed us from his father who said â€œ I wrote out some 500 maternal ancestors for the Prophet(p) and found fornication in NOT one of them nor anything related to “the evil ways) of the Jahaliyya” [17]

So the Islamophobe is making claims without any investigation. If he had looked into matters before making his malicious and ignorant claims he would have noted Muhammad’s confirmation of being from a “true marriage” [12] as well as the other evidence presented such as the findings from Al Kalbi’s investigations

I would advise this Islamophobe to stop in his attempts to malign the good name of past personalities. Wrongly accusing a lady of adultery is not a matter to be taken lightly; this Islamophobe should rethink his ways and incorporate integrity into his raison d’ĂȘtre

The Islamophobe’s Strange Mind

The Islamophobe makes other bizarre and unsupported claims.

This Islamophobe also claims Muhammad made a story up about a woman being pregnant for four years and delivering the child in the fourth year which was born with teeth and hair!

The Islamophobe goes further and claims Muhammad made this story up because he was born four years after the death of Abdullah. The Islamophobe suggests Muhammad made the story up to convince people he was not the offspring of an affair.

These pronouncements are quite clearly the product of a debauched mind.

Prophet Muhammad was NOT born four years after the death of his father (Abdullah); this is quite clearly shown above. We do not need to repeat ourselves as we have already dealt with such an erroneous claim

Prophet Muhammad’s father has been shown to be Abdullah, thus Amina had no affair and Muhammad was not the offspring of an affair.

As for the story about a child being in a woman’s womb for four years, scholars confirm it to be a fabrication (i.e. a false or made up story). This story was made up by somebody AFTER the Prophet Muhammad passed away, so Muhammad did not make this story up. Somebody needs to pass this information onto the ignorant Islamophobe.

Yahya ibn Abi Kathir said:

“Studying Sacred Knowledge is a prayer”

Allah knows Best.

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