Questions to Christians regarding the Gospels

1. Did Jesus dictate the four Empirical Gospels?

2. Did Jesus check the four Empirical Gospels?

3. Did Jesus approve the four Empirical Gospels?

4. Did Jesus ever know or heard about the four Empirical Gospels?

5. Is there any statement in the bible to certify that the bible is the book of God? I

6. Were these four Empirical Gospels inspired? If yes, then why they have contradictory statements and why did not God Almighty inspire One Gospel free of contradictions?????

7. Who brought bible from God?

8. We read in the New Testament: Gospel According to Matthew, Gospel according to Mark, Gospel according to Luke and Gospel according to John But we do not see Gospel according to Jesus anywhere in the Bible.

Conclusion: Bible is unauthentic!

Allah knows Best.