Papyrus 66, P66


Papyrus 66, P66


2nd Century CE.


Jabal Abu Mana, just north of the Dishna plain and 12 kms east of Jabal al-Tarif.


About 14.2 cm. x 16.2 cm. Click here for the images.

There are 39 folios (= 78 leaves, 156 pages). There are 15-25 lines per page.


John 1:1-6:11; 6:35-14:26, 29-30; 15:2-26; 16:2-4, 6-7; 16:10-20:20, 22-23; 20:25-21:9, 12, 17.

The manuscript does not include the pericope of the adulteress (7:53 – 8:11), making it the earliest witness not to include this spurious passage.

Textual Character

It seems that P66 has preserved the work of three individuals; the original scribe, a thoroughgoing corrector, and a minor corrector. The manuscript has some singular readings and well-known for its omissions.


The large script shows a practiced calligraphic hand. The large print throughout indicates that it was written to be read aloud in a congregation.


Cologny-Genéva, Switzerland: Bibliotheca Bodmeriana; one leaf is in Cologne, Germany: Institut für Altertumskunde der Universitat zu Köln.


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