O Christ Worshippers (a poem)

Ibn Al Qayyim Al Jawziya a famous Muslim scholar from centuries ago, wrote a poem (in Arabic):

O Christ Worshippers (a poem)

Written by Ibn Al Qayyim Al Jawziya

Yaa Obad Al Maseeh Fi Naqd Al Nasraniyyah’ (O Worshippers of Christ – Answering Christianity).


English interpretation and translation of O Christ worshippers! We want answers for our questions“(from your wise ones).

If the Lord was murdered by people acts, what kind of god is this? We wonder. Was He pleased by what they did to Him? If, ‘yes’, then blessed by they, for they achieved His pleasure. But if he was discontented, that means their power had subjugated his power.

Was the whole universe left with no Sustainer? Who answered prayers during this? Were heavens vacated while he laid underground someplace?

Were all the worlds left without a god to manage, while his hands were nailed? Why didn’t the angels help him when they heard him screaming?

How could rods stand up to bear the true Lord when he was fastened?

How could the iron rods pierce his body?

How could his enemies hands strike him and slap his back side?

Did Christi revive himself from the dead? Or was there another god to revive him?

What kind of sight was it, a grave enclosing a god?


Stranger still is the womb that confined him? He remained there nine months in total darkness, fed by blood? Then he exists the womb as a tiny baby, weak, gasping to be breast fed?

He ate and drank, and what then naturally occurs? Is this something for God? Exalted High is Allah above these lies of Christians. All will be held accountable for their lies!

O Cross worshippers! Why is the cross exalted? And why blame those who reject it? Isn’t it logical to break and burn it? Along with the ones to initiated it?

Since the Lord was crucified on it, his hands nailed to it? That is really a cursed cross to carry! So throw it away, don’t kiss it!

The lord was abused on it, yet you adore it? So you are of his enemies?

If you extol it because it carried the Lord of the Worlds, why not prostrate yourselves to worship graves? Since the grave contained your god in it?

So, O Christ worshipper, open your eyes, this is what the matter is really all about.

We respectfully add our own questions for our brothers who believe in the One God of Adam, of Abraham, of Moses and of Jesus:

Do we believe Jesus, peace be upon him, taught us to pray and he also prayed?

Did Jesus really pray?

To Whom?

Therefore, shouldn’t we also pray directly to the One that Jesus, peace be upon him, prayed to?

question solved1

We suggest to all mankind everwhere, the following advice: