How Muslims revere Prophet Jesus Christ-Jesus is a Muslim

How Muslims revere Prophet Jesus Christ-Jesus is a Muslim

Mohamad Mostafa Nassar


  1. World’s over 1.9 billion Muslims recognise Prophet Jesus as Christ where no other religion recognises him.
  • Muslims worship the God that Prophet Jesus worshipped.
  • Muslims don’t eat pork as the Bible prohibits eating pork.
  • Muslims greet others saying ‘Peace be upon you’ as Prophet Jesus also greeted others saying Peace.
  • All male Muslims get circumcised as Prophet Jesus was also circumcised.
  • All Muslim women follow the modest dress code of Mary mother of Prophet Jesus which is known as Hijab.
  • Muslims believe in the miraculous virgin birth of Prophet Jesus in the womb of virgin Mary.
  • Muslims believe that Prophet Jesus raised the dead and healed blinds and lepers.
  • Muslims worship God by kneeling and prostrating as Prophet Jesus did the same.
  1. Muslims believe in God’s will as Prophet Jesus said that it’s not his will but God’s will, will be done.
  1. Muslims believe that God did not forsake His beloved Prophet Jesus Christ but rescued him miraculously from being killed or crucified by his enemies and raised him by soul and body to the heaven.
  2. An entire chapter of the Quran is titled ‘Maryam’ as per the name of the mother of Prophet Jesus Christ which glorifies Prophet Jesus.

This is how Muslims revere Prophet Jesus as one of the mightiest Messengers of God who taught us worshipping one God.

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Allah knows Best.