How can Genetic abnormalities be explained if everything is created in the best way?

– It is stated in many verses of the Quran that beings are created in the best way. Examples:
“He Who has made everything which He has created most good…” (as-Sajdah (32:7)

The following is stated in another verse:

“And He has given you shape, and made your shapes beautiful…” At-Taghabun (64:3). 
– It is stated in another verse that man was created in the best shape:

“And He has given you shape- and made your shapes beautiful…” Ghafir (40:64).

However, there are abnormal people due to various genetic diseases. However, can it be explained?
There are abnormalities in every being that is created, including man, due genetic reasons. One of the Siamese twins may die due to not having sufficient organs.

Can we say that the shape of a person who has cleft lips and palate is beautiful?  

 Can we say that the shape of a person who was born with united fingers and cannot use his hand or a person who cannot breathe properly due to a chest deformity is beautiful? 

 Can a body that cannot be used properly because of its shape regardless of being ugly or beautiful be called beautiful?

Some things that seem ugly have some beauties but there is no harmony; how can we explain it?

What exactly is meant by those verses?


Everything that Allah creates is beautiful.

Either it is beautiful itself. The beauties emphasized in the verse above are like that. It is possible to see them in plants, humans and animals.

Or it is beautiful in terms of its results. For instance, manure is ugly in appearance. However, its results are beautiful since it causes nice fruits and vegetables to grow.

When we look at the verses above (in the question), we see that it is stated that both man and the other beings were created in the best way.

The beauty in creation is universal. That is, all plants, animals and humans are included in it. 

As it is known, the first condition of beauty is to be appropriate for the aim and purpose. For example, a sheep wants to graze. If its eyes were on its forehead and its mouth on its back, how would it feed itself? The same thing is valid for a cow and a chicken. The same is also valid for man’s mouth, face and eyes.

Another form of beauty is the beauty that is easy on the eye. For instance, if one arm of a person were 75 cm and the other 30 cm, there would be problems while using the arms and it would not look nice. Would it be beautiful if one ear of man were as small as the ear of a mouse and the other 30 cm?   

We can increase the examples.

For instance, if one of a man’s eyes were like the eye of a cow and the other like the eye of a fly, and one of them were on the forehead and the other on the face, how would your face look? 

For instance, would you like it if your head were as small as one-fifth of your existing head or five times as big as it?

Shall we give some more examples? For example, if one of a person’s feet were like the foot of a sheep and as small as it and the other were like the foot of a cow and as big as it, would he go out when people were around? 

We do not have to mention what your mouth, tongue and teeth would be like.

How can man overlook the trunk of a tree that swings in the wind as if mentioning the names of Allah, the stance of the branches as if they are arms that face the sky to pray, the circles of dhikr formed by the leaves with their small leafstalks swinging slightly in a breeze, the shapes of fruits and flowers, their colors and odors, the harmony in their prudent creation in accordance with their purpose of creation, their smoothness, and their structure that pleases the eye and tranquilizes the spirit?

Every tree, flower, insect, fly and man was created in accordance with their position and in the best way and shape. The sheep was created as a sheep in peak and the ant was created as an ant in peak. How can one overlook the stomach of an ant or a butterfly that is in accordance with their body and the mouth in accordance with the stomach, and the beauty of the sustenance in accordance with its mouth?

Look at the sparrow again carefully in order to understand the beauty of the wing harmonious with its body. If you want to see what ugliness is, imagine the wing of the sparrow to be in the body of the eagle and the wing of the eagle in the body of the sparrow. Then, you will understand the beauty of the creation in the beings.

There are many reasons for some abnormalities and diseases seen in man.

First of all, what is useful or harmful for man cannot be decided by considering only the worldly life.

For instance, a person who cannot see is deprived of seeing the beauties of the world. However, this person remains away from many sins because he cannot see. He will perhaps go to Paradise with this state. We do not know; he might go to Hell, if he were not visually impaired. Therefore, it is ugly and bad for that man not to see in this world, but it is good and beautiful for the hereafter.

For, if you were as beautiful as Hz. Yusuf (Joseph), you might commit some sins and harams because of that beauty and lose your eternal life in the hereafter.

You’re not being as beautiful as Hz. Yusuf might not be good for the world but your present beauty, which will make you gain the hereafter, is better than Hz. Yusuf’s beauty, which will make you lose the hereafter.

We should view everything like that, and we should not forget that there are many beauties behind the things that seem ugly and bad. Therefore, whatever Allah has done has done the best.

The world is a world of testing. 

Everybody is tested through many things. Those who show consent to what Allah gives pass the test and those who oppose by not being pleased with what He gives fail.

If Allah has given two eyes to a person, he should thank Him and be pleased with it.  Did Allah owe him two eyes? He might not have given any eyes. If his lips are cleft, he should thank by looking at those who have no lips.

If his fingers are united, it is his duty to look at those who have no arms instead of opposing what Allah has given.

We should not attract Allah’s wrath by objecting to things whose reasons we do not know.

We should not act as lawyers of others regarding the issue. Why do you feel pity for a man who has cleft lips? Because you are a human? You wish good things for him because you are a human.

What is the position of that person related to Allah? His slave. 

Who created him out of nothing and made him a being? Who made him a human being but not a stone or a tree? Who gave him intellect, consciousness and life and kept him alive? Who gave him sustenance and enabled him to digest what he ate? Is it not Allah? 

Who is more interested in him, we or Allah? Who keeps him alive, we or Allah? Who loves him more, we or Allah?

Let us stop acting as a lawyer of others. He is a slave of Allah. Allah is his closest and beloved friend. He meets all of his needs and wants to make him ready for the hereafter in the best way. Therefore, He gives him some troubles and problems so that he will pass the test and gain the afterlife.

Allah knows Best.–

Prepared by Mohamad Mostafa Nassar- Australia.

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