Detailed research on Prophetic Inheritance

Detailed research on Prophetic Inheritance

Mohamad Mostafa Nassar


In the name of Allah the Most Merciful The Most Compassionate

We present our readers with our first research concerning the matter of prophetic inheritance, hopefully we can follow it up with more research in the future if Allah permits.

Prophetic inheritance is a matter of debate between Muslims since the time of prophetic Khilafah, it all goes back to whether our Prophet (saw) left wealth and lands for his heirs or not. Ahlul-Sunnah have agreed that the Prophet (saw) does not leave behind inheritance, whereas the Imami Ithna `Ashari Shiah believe that the Prophet (saw) left behind wealth and lands to his daughter and cousin `Ali but they were seized by the rulers.

Through the passing of time both sides debated and argued using evidence from Qur’an, Hadith and some even resorted to fabricate Hadith  in order to score points. Today, all of these arguments are present online in various websites and internet blogs, thus we have decided to not simply write a refutation, instead we began with our own original sincere research wishing only the pleasure of Allah and his guidance then based on our research we address all of our opponents’ issues and doubts.

Our research is composed of three parts, we introduce each one briefly:

PART I, In it we address the matter of prophetic narrations related to the inheritance of prophets, was it only our Prophet (saw) who never left inheritance or did all prophets never leave behind inheritance? How do we explain the different texts of these narrations?

PART II, In it we go through all of the earliest sources of Qur’anic interpretation and we see the opinions of the scholars of Islam, what was their understanding and what side did they lean towards? Then we summarize all the opinions in the clearest way Allah permits.

PART III, In it we go through the opponent’s arguments and objections, a research cannot be complete if we do not look at the arguments from the other side, we benefit from the points raised and answer them all based on the knowledge we acquired thanks to our in depth reading and the understanding given to us by Allah.

Click on the links below to access the different parts of our research:

[PART I] Prophetic Inheritance In Hadith.

[PART II] Prophetic Inheritance In Qur’an.

[PART III] Fadak & Inheritance Q&A.

May Allah benefit us all, Ameen.


One of the brothers who is popular for refuting Shia has taken the time to refute ShiaPen’s large article on Fadak and inheritance, his article also deals with many other secondary issues raised by the ShiaPen propagandists.

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Source : Twelver Shia