Christians dilemma

Christians dilemma

Which Holy Spirit the forty Four Thousand Christian sects are using.

We often find Christians always proud and boastful that they are guided by the Holy Spirit to understand the content of Christian teachings, yet we find over 44,000 denominations churches and cults around the world today, they all never come to one agreement about their respective beliefs.

We take for example, Trinitarians, Binitarians and Unitarians, they all still confused who is God. They also have their own opinions based on contractions and misleading biblical teachings, such as Universalism, Calvinism and Arminianism.

Apart from that, they also have their own versions of the Bible that are different from each other, example Syrian version 61 chapters, 66 books in Protestant version, 75 books in Coptic version, 73 books in Roman Catholic version, 76 books in charismatic version, 81 books in Ethiopic version. 78 books in Greek orthodox version, 86 books in the Orthodox version and the list goes on and on…!

Where does this confusion come from? Doesn’t the Bible say God is not the author of confusion (1 Cor 14:33), or could it be that their all are guided by Evil Spirit that will lead them to Hell!?