Baked Clay Used In Building Pyramids In Quran

Baked Clay Used In Building Pyramids In The Noble Quran

Mohamad Mostafa Nassar


The pyramids are among the wonders of the world but no one during the time of Prophet Muhammad knows that Pharaoh used baked clay to build Pyramids except Allah. This is mentioned in Quran by Allah in the following verse:
“And Pharaoh said to his people: “I have not known a god for you other than myself; so Haman, light me a fire to bake clay so that I could build a rise high enough, maybe I see Moses’ god whom I think is a liar.” [Quran 28.38]

Modern science confirms the Quran that Pharaoh used baked clay (like modern cement; not chiseled limestone) to build their high rises. This was revealed in 2006.

1- Research revealed in December 2006 by a team lead by Michel Barsoum, a professor of material engineering at Drexel University, indicate that some of the structures used to make the pyramids were concrete blocks, demonstrating that the Egyptians had developed the technology to make concrete and were using in construction.

The determination was made by analyzing the composition of the minerals in several parts of the Khufu pyramid and finding mineral traces not normally found in limestone blocks but that are present in sand, clay and lime used to make concrete. Most archeologists still believe the pyramids are made of cut limestone blocks. Romans are usually given credit for inventing concrete around 100 B.C. [Source]

2- Davidovits famous book entitled “Ils ont bati les pyramides” published in France in 2002, has resolved all problems and puzzles which were told about the way that the pyramids were built. Moreover, he put a simple geometric construction mechanism of mud. It was very convincing to many researchers in this field of science. Some researches emphasized that furnaces or stoves were used in ancient times to make ceramics and statues. The common use of fire was to build status of clay, mixed with metals and natural materials.

After that, they lit a fire until the statue solidifies and takes the shape of real rocks. Many civilizations used the heated clay for making stones, statues and tools. All researches confirmed the this method used by the pharaohs in high buildings such as pyramids.
He also says:
“After many years of research and study, now I’m newly convinced that the pyramids in Egypt are made with clay.” Discovery by French Professor Joseph Davidovits

3- On the great pyramid of Cheops granite blocks, weighing as much as 70 tons, as well as limestone blocks, weighing to 15 tons from Tura, were used. It is widely believed that ramps made of rubble were constructed around the pyramid so that the blocks could be transported up the pyramid. Lehner found that stone blocks of this size could slide up the ramps, using clay and water as a lubricant, by as few as twenty men. [Source]