Bada — A Shia Doctrine Of Kufr

Bada — A Shia Doctrine Of Kufr

Mohamad Mostafa Nassar


By Mujlisul Ulama



In the Shiah religion there is a belief of extreme repugnance, the kufr of which is worse than the combined kufr doctrines and kufr practices of the Shiahs. That doctrine of scandalous kufr is termed by Shiahs as BADA. This means the commission of error by Allah Azza Wa Jal – Nauthibillaah!

Understand well that the belief of Bada is unlike the concept of Naskh (Abrogation). When Allah Ta’ala cancels a command or substitutes it with another order, this is called Naskh which is perfectly valid.

A law may be applicable for a certain time due to certain circumstances. When the situation has changed, Allah Ta’ala amends the law or abrogates it or substitutes it with another order. This is called Naskh. Read: Elaboration of Naskh (Abrogation) – Its Terms & Conditions

We mention this fact here because Shiahs compare their satanic Bada belief with Islam’s concept of Naskh. The attempt to justify their kufr filth with this analogy is to hoodwink and mislead the ignoramuses in our community. There is absolutely no resemblance between Naskh and Shiah Bada Kufr.

Bada is the attribution of a real error / mistake which the Shiah kuffaar predicate with Allah Azza Wa Jal. They believe that Allah Ta’ala has erred (Nauthubillaah!) in a certain issue.

The Shiahs saw the need to  fabricate this rotten, stinking belief to sustain their doctrine of the infallibility of their imaams whom they believe to be sinless and infallible. In other words, whilst they divest Allah Azza Wa Jal of the attribute of Infallibility, they bestow this attribute to their imaams. The satanism of this corrupt doctrine is glaringly conspicuous.

Another factor which constrained the Shiahs to disgorge the rotten Bada belief, was Allah’s praises and expression of pleasure for the Sahaabah mentioned in the Qur’aan Shareef. This declaration of Allah Ta’ala is in diametric conflict with the Shiah belief of the irtidaad of the Sahaabah.

According to Shiah kufr mythology almost all the Sahaabah reneged from Islam thereby becoming murtaddeen  after the demise of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Explaining the praise and pleasure for the Sahaabah mentioned in the Qur’aan Majeed, the Shiahs say that Allah Ta’ala had committed Bada (error) – Nauthibillah! 

Allah Ta’ala according to the Shiah shayaateen was not aware that the Sahaabah would become murtad, hence He praised them and promised them Jannat.

According to Shiah belief, every imaam of Shi’ism is directly appointed by Allah Ta’ala in the same way as He appointed the Ambiyaa (Alayhimus salaam). On the basis of this corrupt fabrication, the Shiahs narrated that their Imaam Ja’far Saadiq had informed that after his death, his son, Ismaaeel would be the Imaam. However, during the lifetime of Imaam Ja’far, his son Ismaaeel died.

This was an impossible conundrum for the Shiahs. For providing some ludicrously ‘plausible’ explanation for this development, the Shiahs said that Allah Ta’ala had committed Bada, i.e., He was not aware that Ismaaeel would predecease his father Imaam Ja’far.

He had therefore erroneously revealed to Imaam Ja’far that he would be succeeded by his son Ismaaeel as the next Imaam. Since this did not happen, Shiahs aver that Allah Ta’ala had erred by having informed Imaam Ja’far that his son would be the next Imaam. Nauthibillaah! This satanic episode of Bada is explicitly stated in the Shiah book of theology,Firqush Shiah.

In the Shiah book, Usool-e-Kaafi, it is recorded:

“It is narrated from Ar-Rayyan Bin ???? that he heard Ar-Ridha – alayhis salaam (the eighth Shiah Imaam, Ali Bin Musa Ridha) saying: ‘Allah had never  sent a Nabi but to  prohibit liquor and to acknowledge bada for Allah.”

In all Shiah books of mythology of the highest status, the belief of Bada is recorded. They are unable to conceal and deny it even by employment of their satanic belief of Taqiyah (Holy Hypocrisy). A more repugnant belief than this doctrine saturated with satanism cannot be imagined.

Only brains utterly convoluted and satanized by divinely cast Rijs (Filth) are capable of fabricating such satanism as the Shiah belief of Bada. Regarding brains which hallucinate such vile and ludicrous beliefs which demote Allah Ta’ala to the level of created beings, the Qur’aan Majeed states:

“And He (Allah) casts Rijs (Filth) on those who lack aql (intelligence).”

It is this divinely cast Rijs which has vermiculated and deranged the brains of Shiahs. They can therefore not realize the notoriety of their utterance and belief of Bada for Allah Azza Wa Jal.

One of the greatest and worse curses which has befallen the Muslim community of South Africa is the shaitaani trap in the form of the Shiah Temple in Cape Town. This Temple of Iblees is being presented as a musjid to deceive the ignorant masses. The objective of the Temple of Iblees is to promote the Shiah religion which pivots on HATRED FOR THE SAHAABAH.