Are Shi’a Muslims Or do they use Islam

as a cover for the destruction of Islam?

Says: I spent ten years of my life with the Shiites … studying their history and digging for their monuments and their elders …. and their struggle with the Sunni Muslims (Ahl Al Sunnah wa Al Jama’ah) … and that … During my scholarly journey in which I obtained my master’s and doctorate degrees in the history of the Shiites

 … specifically, in Iraq and Iran …. and I stood before the inner Shiites, who considered the blood of Sunni Muslims to be shed and to kill Sunni Muslims… and spread Shiism with iron and fire … Shi’a were able to coerce the Iranian people 400 years ago from Sunnah to Shiism.

And they forced millions of the Sunni Muslims (Ahl Al Sunnah wa Al Jama’ah) in Iran to enter the sect of Shiites till historians counted the number of those who were killed by the Safavid state from among the Sunni Muslims by a million souls who were slaughtered by the sword by the Shi’as= Rafihdis =Rejectionists of the Sunni Muslims (Ahl Al Sunnah wa Al Jama’ah)

, so Iran turned from Sunni Iran to Magus, Rejectionists of the Sunni Muslims (Ahl Al Sunnah wa Al Jama’ah) Iran 400 years ago …. but arrived with it. The matter is in the most critical periods of history to the alliance with the Jews and the Christians against the Sunnis and the community.

Which stopped the Ottoman conquests in Europe after they conquered eastern Europe … Then they managed to enter the heart of Europe and were able to blockade Vienna …. But the strikes of the Safavids=Shi’a from behind forced the Ottomans to break the siege of Vienna

And to reverse back and withdraw to the countries of the East … to lose the dream of conquering Europe … and its entry into Islam …. which prompted one of the leading historians of the West to say:

“Had it not been for the Shiite Safavids’ betrayal of the Ottoman Sunni Muslim Caliphate and struck it from behind … the Ottomans would have seized all of Europe, and it would have turned Europe to an Islamic continent.”

Among the incidents that I have stood in front of for a long time, and I can hardly believe that a person can do it in addition to claiming Islam … what the Qarmati Shiites (one of the esoteric groups) did in the Sacred House of God I Mecca in the year 317 AH … on the Day of Tarwiyah during Pilgrimage in Mecca when they attacked the pilgrims and killed them.

More than thirty thousand souls got killed … and demolished the Zamzam water dome in Mecca …. and took off the door of the Kaaba in Mecca …. and removed its cladding …. and slaughtered all of the pilgrims attached to the shrouds of the Kaaba … and buried the dead Muslims in the well of Zamzam …. Then they pulled out the Black Stone and took it home.

Then I have become certain what Sheikh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah – may God have mercy on him – said that the esoteric Shiites are more infidels than the Jews and Christians …. and that fighting them is much more necessary than fighting the infidels because they are in the rule of apostates.

Today and after what we have seen in Syria of the worship of the president of Syria: Assad. … and the killing and slaughtering of the Sunnis in a series of massacres that were not committed by the Jews or the Tatars …. and the demolition of mosques and their desecration, as if history is repeating itself!!!!!

 Written by … Dr. Magdy Al-Rabie, a doctor specializing in history. May God reward him well Spread it to all Muslims in all countries of the world so that they know the ideas of this lost group.

Allah knows Best.

Translated from Arabic to English by Mohamad Mostafa Nassar- Australia.

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