4 months in the life of the Christian state of Rwanda in 1994 changed the state religion from Christianity to Islam

4 months in the life of the Christian state of Rwanda in 1994 changed the state religion from Christianity to Islam

Mohamad Mostafa Nassar


Islam is Peace True Story – Rwanda 4 months in the life of the Christian state of Rwanda in 1994 changed the state religion from Christianity to Islam

On April 7, 1994, a Christian tribe named (Hutu), which is the Christian majority ruling in Rwanda, attacked a minority of another Christian tribe named (Tutsi) and took place the largest human massacre known in modern history, and perhaps it is the largest massacre witnessed by humanity.

Hutu Christians did not leave a Tutsi Christian without cutting him, slaughtering him, or setting him on fire.

Muslim Stance in Rwanda

At that time, Muslims were few, neither from the majority nor from the minority, and Islam was not a party to the conflict between the two Christian tribes.

What happened is that thousands upon thousands of vulnerable Christians from the Tutsis hurried towards the doors of the churches seeking protection, so the (Hutu) priests opened for them to enter.

Then the (Hutu) priests told the militias to come and kill them, and a priest described them as cockroaches (and many Hutu priests issued religious opinions to kill Tutsis).

So, the churchyards witnessed an internationally recognized genocide And documented in the Vatican and described on the tongues of the victims later in the courts

The scene was repeated here and there, but you can imagine that in just 4 months, the death toll had reached 800,000 Christians at the hands of a Christian, with 6,666 deaths every day.

Neighbors killed their neighbors because they were Tutsi, and some husbands killed their Tutsi wives, thousands of Tutsi women were detained for raping

In the light of this bloody conflict, Islam in Rwanda had another word and another opinion

Loudspeakers in Muslim mosques said that shedding the blood of the innocent is forbidden, regardless of their religion.

Muslim sheikhs issued religious opinion=Fatwa prohibiting bloodshed

It is forbidden for a Hutu Muslim to support the people of his tribe in killing Tutsi Christians

It is obligatory for every Hutu Muslim to protect the Tutsis who seek help, whether he is a Muslim or a Christian

The Muslim sheikhs shouted (NO to support tribalism in any crimes as it is Forbidden and that the Muslim is the brother of the Muslim)

The imams of Muslim mosques refused to hand over any Christian Tutsi who sought help from them

It is forbidden for any Muslim to hand over any Tutsi Christian for help

After the end of the civil war, the state of Rwanda became devastated.

The country’s infrastructure was reduced to rubble, leaving hundreds of thousands of survivors suffering from psychological trauma, ideological doubts, and a desire to know this religion that prohibited blood and was a safe haven for some of them.

Millions of Christians are shocked by the criminality of the priests and shocked in their own faith

They converted millions to Islam in a way that is difficult to describe, which prompted all the world’s media to cover this great spread of Islam in Rwanda.

For example

Sheikh Salih Habimana, the Grand Mufti of Muslims in Rwanda, says that Islam today has spread everywhere in Rwanda.

The New York Times says that the killing of about 800,000 Rwandans in the genocide not only led to the loss of citizens’ confidence in their government.

But also in their religion, as Catholic Christianity dominates in this country where Islam has become the fastest spreading religion.

The British BBC says: The safe haven provided by Muslims to the Tutsi and their protection from the Hutus had the greatest impact on the conversion of many to Islam in that country.

Yakubu Juma Zimana, who converted to Islam in 1996, told the New York Times: “People died in my old church.

The priests were helping the killers. I couldn’t go back and pray there, I had to look for another religion.”

Alex Rutereza converted to Islam and said: “During the 1994 massacres, the Muslims treated themselves very well, so I wanted to be like them.

The killings were everywhere, while the Muslim quarter was the safest.

Ramdani Rugima, Executive Secretary of the Muslim Union of Rwanda: “Nobody died in a mosque.

Muslims took on the militias and saved many lives.” Rugima, a Tutsi, said he owed his life to a Muslim he hid from the militia that was chasing him.

And this is the story

Islam has expressed itself

Islam embodies reality

Literally millions of Christians in Rwanda have converted to Islam

Before the genocide, the number of Muslims was less than a million, and today it is believed that they are from 4 to 5 million in a country with a population of 11 million

The Catholic entity was shaken, and the Christian religion collapsed in a way that made Rwanda the most widespread country in the world where Islam is spread.

The story of Rwanda with Islam is the greatest story that can be published, and it is neither old nor steeped in years of history, but rather it happened in our time, in our lives, and in the presence of the Internet.

God opened Rwanda with Islam, then reconciled them, then guided them, then honored them, then enriched them, so Rwanda became the African state, the most successful economic model in Africa at all, from a state of famine and wars to a state of industries and advancement

Islam in Rwanda

Rwandans embrace Islam in wake of genocide

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