20 Christian -terrorist Organisations and individuals.

If the “Islamic” terrorists represent Islam, then the following terrorist organizations and individuals will represent Christianity too.

Here are 8 Christian terrorist organizations that passed ISIS with their crimes:

1.Lord’s resistance army LRA

Active: 1980s-present

2.Ku Klux Klan KKK

Active: 1960s-present

3.National liberation front of Tripura

Active: 1989-present


Active: 1990s-present

5.Catholic reaction force / Protestant action force CRF / PAF

Active: 1982 till 1994 for CRF

1970s till 1990s for PAF

6.The orange volunteers.

Active: early 1970s-present

7.The Aryan Nations

Actives unknown-present

8.The Christian identity movement

Active: 1920/1930s-present


Army of God founded in USA by Donald Spitz 1980

Donald killed all who aborted because Jesus commanded him to then murdered who disobey God then closed down many hospitals.


LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army)

Founded by Joseph Kony in Uganda in1987

He Killed thousands and abducted 2 million.




The Eastern Lightning in China 1990


The Irish Liberation Army


Central African Republic Massacres.


Eric Rodulph

Eric Robert Rudolph (born September 19, 1966), also known as the Olympic Park Bomber, is an American terrorist convicted for a series of anti-abortion and anti-gay-motivated bombings across the southern United States between 1996 and 1998


Scott Roeder

A born-again Christian who believes abortion is a sin and killed to save children.



Jim David Adkisson

The Knoxville Unitarian Universalist church shooting was a mass shooting that occurred on July 27, 2008 when an unemployed Tennessee truck driver named Jim David Adkisson went on a shooting rampage at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church in Knoxville.


James Charles Kopp is an American who was convicted in 2003 for the 1998 sniper-style murder of Barnett Slepian, an American physician from Amherst, New York who performed abortions.


John C. Salvi III was an abortion opponent who carried out fatal shootings at two abortion facilities in Brookline, Massachusetts, on December 30, 1994. The shootings killed two and wounded five. An insanity defense at his trial was not successful and he was convicted of two counts of murder.


Timothy James McVeigh was an American domestic terrorist who carried out the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing that killed 168 people and injured more than 680 others, and destroyed one third of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building


Fjotolf Hansen, also known by his pseudonym Andrew Berwick, is a Norwegian far-right terrorist who committed the 2011 Norway attacks.


The Srebrenica massacre, also known as the Srebrenica genocide, was the July 1995 genocide of more than 8,000 Bosniaks Muslim men and boys in and around the town of Srebrenica in July 1995, during the Bosnian War.

—->8 million Muslims killed Overall.

Never heard of them. Google 20 Christian terrorist Organisations and individuals.

Of course there are many terrorist christian, atheist and even buddist countries and organisations

Prepared by Mohamad Mostafa Nassar- Australia.

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