What has been achieved by the fake claim of Jesus Death?

What has been achieved by the fake claim of Jesus Death?

Answer is:

NOTHING, everything that same if not the worst BEFORE Roman Pagan Empire in Europe and the Middle East adopt and corrupt Christianity and AFTER and business remains as usual until TODAY

  • Christians are in the forefront of sinners in the world, not saying Muslims do not sin or others do not sin.

But Christians produce Alcohol, sell, promote, and of course drink it.

  • Brothels are Licensed in different shape and form for straight, homosexuals and even sex parties.
  • Homosexuality is BLESSED and Justified by Most churches Nowadays.
  • Idols are being made for Jesus, Mary, and the Holy spirit in violations of the ten commandments.
  • Domestic violence is very rife in the Christian countries; we are not suggesting other countries are immune to it.

Let us examine a few things about the purported fake crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.


Christians claim that Jesus’ flesh and body died but his Spirit did not die, that belief is already BACKFIRING at Christians already.

Jesus purported and claimed death to save people is an INCOMPLETE fake death, lacks the true meaning of Sacrifice since his soul did not taste death, otherwise that would be CHEATING Christians.

Christians Analogy:

Jesus is God and son of God along with the Holy spirit, Jesus is the first and the last right?


This means HE Created his 10 years old “Mum” to carry him BEFORE He was “BORN”, well you are saying he is God and he is the first, right?

Then she Gave Birth to her son who is her “God” and raised him as a kid, breastfeed him, helped him to go to toilet, sleep, walk down the street AND she worshipped her son because he is God.

 But he is her son TOO, Did Mary knew that her son Jesus is her God from day one or after thirty-three Years, when you claim that he was killed on the Cross or a stick?

Back to where Christians claim that “God” Jesus was bashed, spate on, dragged down the streets, crucified and killed by one of “his” creations. And buried and after three days came back and a Crazy woman was the only witness.

And THEN people discover he is God THEN Jesus decided to go to Heaven as son of God be God too since he is part of the trinity or the Godhead to sit down on the Right hand of God who is HIMSELF too.

Practically this means that Son of God who is God too went up to heaven to sit down on the right-hand side of God who is HIMSELF too.

The FACT remains that Jesus claimed death did NOT achieve ANY practical thing in this Life- Christian countries are same if not worst that Roman empire:

Sending Armies to kill everywhere, they manufacture Weapons and Arms AND EXPORT it to Muslim countries.

This goes against the illogical biblical instruction of “love your enemy”, which we have seen that practical love in the embargo on many Muslim countries such as Iraq, Sudan and the list goes on.

FANTASTIC make PERFECT SENSE and this is what Christians are inviting people to?

Muslim’s worship Almighty Allah that Never die nor sleep or eat etc. or do that Human stuff OR get CONTAINED in his creations?

Concept of God in Islam vs Christianity: –

  • Almighty God DOES NOT need to enter inside his creation.
  • Almighty God in Islam DOES NOT eat and does NOT NEED to eat.
  • Almighty God in Islam DOES NOT sleep and DOES NOT need to sleep.
  • Almighty God in Islam DOES NOT take sons or kids or wives for any reason and DOES NOT NEED to.
  • Almighty God in Islam DOES NOT need to kill to forgive.
  • Almighty God in Islam DOES NOT need to die to prove a point to his creation and DOES NOT die AT ALL.
  • Almighty God in Islam DOES NOT need to fake his own DEATH to PRETEND it is a Sacrifice AND

WITHDRAW three days LATER where is The Sacrifice here?  That would be A BIG SCAM.

When you say God CAN NOT forgive without:

1) having a son.

2) Allowing the killing of His son.

Note: You are insulting God and still believe that it is God himself as part of Trinity of Godhead, which a schizophrenic bipolar confusing belief goes against the very basic logic.

This means you are claiming, God sent HIMSELF to Be killed his is OWN Creation to SAVE us from HIMSELF, bashed spat on dragged down the street crucified then die and buried.The FAKE three day defat of death is a SCAM where is the claimed Sacrifice, had been withdrawn- What a Farce

And then go up to Heaven to sit down on the right-hand side of God which is HIMSELF= so Sitting down on the right-hand side of HIMSELF. What an extreme form of schizophrenia. IT IS A SCAM.

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Allah knows Best. 

Almighty Allah is the highest and most knowledgeable, and the attribution of knowledge to him is the safest.

Right from Almighty Allah and wrong from me and Satan

Prepared by Mohamad Mostafa Nassar- Australia.


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