The Top so called 22 Questions Muslims refuse to answer because They Have the Spirit of Antichrist – Answered.

The Top so called 22 Questions Muslims refuse to answer because They Have the Spirit of Antichrist – Answered.

Mohamad Mostafa Nassar


So, a channel by the name “endless love Jesus’ ministries” uploaded a video in 2016.In that video he presents 22 Questions which he claims Muslims refuse to answer because apparently, they have the spirit of the Anti- Christ.

So, we have decided to do a response to that video and at the end we concluded it was just poor arguments backed by misinformation and ignorance disguised as truth to fool gullible individuals.

Question 1:

If God is All Power and has unlimited powers to anything he wants and is the creator of all, then why can’t he have a son and become man?

Answer 1: 

It’s very simple. You must learn how reproduction works first. For God to have a son he must have a wife who is equal to him and not only does that sound absurd and laughable but also doesn’t make any sense rationally, considering the fact God now has partner. In the Islamic point of view, it simply doesn’t befit God’s majesty to have a son.

The reason why he won’t be a man is even simpler. We know that God is infinite and nonmaterial. So, if God becomes a man, he now ceases to be God because man is material and finite. In Islam God can do whatever he wants but he will never do something that will make him NOT him like being man or enter his creation which is finite.

Question 2:

When were our scriptures corrupted and why? Did Christians all want to go to hell after glorifying a mere man?

If the gospels didn’t say Jesus Christ died on the cross and then appeared alive three days later, why are the gospels writers executed? Why weren’t they afraid to die?

Why didn’t they admit their great lie? Not only the gospel writers but all the disciples died painfully.


Answer 2:

Why does it matter? That is simply irrelevant. The reason why the Christians scriptures were corrupted is simple. It’s because Christians do a horrible job protecting and preserving their scriptures hence corruption.” Did Christians all want to go to hell after glorifying a mere man?”

You should be telling that to me. They were executed because the people who didn’t like what they were teaching told them to be executed. That doesn’t mean whatever they were writing was a fact. Also, the authors of the gospels are unknown and unreliable.

The reason why they weren’t afraid to die is because they didn’t fear death. Maybe there were many other reasons. They didn’t admit it because they didn’t know it was a lie in the first place
So what if the disciples died painfully? They most likely were executed for obvious reasons for them being the followers of Jesus but that’s doesn’t mean they believed in the crucifixion

Question 3:

If the disciples didn’t all claim Jesus Christ was the Son of God and one with God but preached something different to what we have in our New Testament today, why were they executed?

Why were they either stoned, crucified upside-down, beheaded, skinned alive and dragged through the rough streets, boiled in hot oil etc.?

Why weren’t they afraid to go through that?

Answer 3:

This is the same Question as the second one! They weren’t afraid to because they weren’t afraid of death. Moreover, why didn’t Jesus save them while they were going through that? Are you telling me Jesus is absent when you need him the most?

Question 4:

Why did God watch Muhammad die slowly and painfully before his message was put into a book?

Answer 4:

Firstly, he did not die “slowly” or “painfully” . That’s an exaggeration without any evidence.

Secondly, it’s because simple

God knew Muhammad’s followers would do the job of putting the into a book so therefore there was no in need of Muhammad’s presence. You know unlike

some people *cough* *cough* Muhammad’s followers took care of his message and preserved it.


Question 5:

Why didn’t God send a replacement to that dinner when Muhammad has eaten poison, or why didn’t He cause someone else to take the first bite and warn Muhammad no to eat

Answer 5:

It’s because the revelation of the Quran was complete, and Muhammad’s job was done.

So, God had no reason or need to allow Muhammad to live anymore (since his job was done)
It’s because Muhammad didn’t know it. Simple. If the Quran was not complete yet, then he would have still been alive till it was complete. Not to mention he mentioned this in his final sermon that he may die.

Question 6:

If the poisoned lamb spoke to Muhammad, why did it speak too late?

Answer 6:

To inform him he was going to die also to give a sign his purpose was complete.

Question 7:

Why does the Quran order the killing of unbelievers when a person has their whole life to accept God?

Why doesn’t the Quran concentrate on the conversion of these people? Killing unbelievers while they are unbelievers adds another soldier to Satan’s army in hell and takes another potential believer from God.

Answer 7:   

It doesn’t. Show me where it does though. Also, the Quran doesn’t command to kill unbelievers unless you take it out of context. It does concentrate on the conversion of these people.

Quran 16:125: Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and good instruction and argue with them in a way that is best. Indeed, your Lord is most knowing of who has strayed from His way, and He is most knowing of who is [rightly] guided.

Question 8:

Why would God allow Muhammad to have 20 wives, then command that believing men have no more than 4?

Answer 8:

It’s because for political purpose in order for him to spread the message of Islam.

Question 9:

Since the Bible contradicts the Quran, how can both books be from God? And how do we be worshipping the same God when your book says that when you are an infidel (Christian or Jew) You get a one way ticket to paradise if we worship the same God?

Answer 9:

Who said the bible is the word of God? It isn’t the word of God. Simple. Also show me where does it say in the Quran if you are an infidel you get a one way ticket to paradise?

Question 10:

Why would Jesus Christ come back and condemn his followers to hell when we love him so much?

Answer 10:

It’s because you didn’t keep the law, you committed polytheism, you changed your scriptures, you took him above his standard etc.

Like honestly ask yourself do you honestly think he will recognize you as your followers after all this? It’s because you love in the wrong way, not in the right way.

Question 11:

How can God be “Merciful & Compassionate” and command the most merciless punishment on those who haven’t found Him yet?

Answer 11:

He will Not. God only punishes those who got the message properly but are still rejected. He would never punish someone who didn’t get or understand the message properly.

Question 12:

Why do I think Satan wouldn’t try to hide behind a ‘Mask of God’ to make his plan succeed?

Answer 12:

He doesn’t. Notice how this channel provides no evidence to support their claims.

Question 13:

How can our creator delight in so much destruction of his creation?

Answer 13:We should be asking the Christians lol. Anyways he doesn’t. There’s nowhere in Islam where he does.

Question 14:

How did the story-telling Christians succeed in changing every single Bible that was in existence in the world at the same time?

Answer 14:

Who said that they did?

Question 15:

Why does Muhammad say in the Quran the most awful name in Allah’s sigh on the day of resurrection is a man calling himself the Kings of Kings?

Who is this man and why is Allah scared of him? What will this man do to Allah on that day?

Answer 15:

First of the Quran is not the word Muhammad Secondly NO WHERE does the Quran state what you stated. Show me where in the Quran does it say that?

Question 16:

If Allah revealed the Torah and the Bible before the Quran as a guidance and the Quran says Allah’s words could never be changed, did Allah or Muhammad lie since Muslims declare the Bible is corrupted?

Answer 16:

Firstly, Allah is NOT the author of the Bible. He is the Author of the Injil. Why didn’t Allah preserve scriptures prior to the Quran?

Because Allah mentions in the Quran that THEY were in charge of their preservation. And those scriptures were sent for a particular amount of time for a specific group of people. So why does Allah only preserve the Quran? Because the Quran is the LAST revelation.

Question 17:

If the Gospel has been corrupted, wouldn’t Allah just tell us to get rid of it and believe in the Quran?

 If the Gospel has been corrupted, why doesn’t Allah know anything about it?

Answer 17:

He did tell you to get rid of it. So, did his messenger Muhammad. Allah does know about it.Who said he doesn’t?


Question 18:

Why does the Quran clearly maintain that the Gospel is authoritative for Christians if it is not the word of God?

Answer 18:

It USED to be authoritative until the Christians corrupted it

Question 19:

When Muhammad was having doubts about his revelations, why did Allah command Muhammad to go the people of the book, Jews, and Christians for confirmation if the Bible was corrupted?

Answer 19:

When and where did Allah command him to do that? However what Allah did command him to do was to create a chapter like the Quran.

Question 20:

The Quran says Jesus was born of a virgin, which would mean that he had no earthly father, since he had no earthly father,
where did his blood come from?

Answer 20:

Allah gave it to him. That was the point of the virgin birth.IT WAS A MIRACLE.

Question 21:

Were the demons and all the people that Jesus healed lying when they called him the Son of God?

 Was Peter and the Angel Gabriel also lying when they called Jesus the Son of God
  Was God lying when he said, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well please”

Answer 21:

Simple answer. THEY NEVER SAID IN THE FIRST PLACE. That’s according to the Bible which is unreliable.

Question 22:

The Quran says Muhammad is Not the word and spirit of God. The Quran says Jesus Christ is the word and spirit of God, If God created the universe through the word and the word is Creator or creation, either way you look at it, wouldn’t that Jesus God since he is the word God.

Answer 22:

We have a video about it on our channel. 

Almighty Allah is the highest and most knowledgeable, and the attribution of knowledge to him is the safest.

Right from Almighty Allah and wrong from me and Satan

Prepared by Mohamad Mostafa Nassar 

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