The Secrets of Developing Understanding with The Holy Quran

The Secrets of Developing Understanding with The Holy Quran

By learning the rules of Tajweed a Muslim can recite Quran in the true way, however, pertaining to developing an understanding of Quran, there are different ways by deploying which a Muslim can develop the habit of understanding and know the essence of Quran in the truest manner possible. This writing gives a few secrets of understanding of Quran so that the Muslims can gain maximum benefits from it.

Find An Authentic Translation:

If you are not an Arabic speaker, then the first tip for you to progress in understanding of Quran is to find an authentic translation of it. The essence of Quran is in its meanings, therefore, you ought to find a translation in your mother language to be able to grasp the message that the verses of Quran convey. In finding a translation, make sure that it is by an authentic author, as there are hundreds of translations of Quran in every language and some might not be as reputed as the others because of their comprehension qualities. Therefore, before purchasing a translation, do proper research and find the most renowned and authentic translation of Quran.

Listen To A Renowned Recitation:

Although the understanding of Quran primarily has to do with the translation, however, in order to get into a situation where your heart and mind open to the graveness of the meaning you have to listen to the original text of Quran. When you listen a renowned recitation of Quran by an experienced reciter, it influences your heart and opens it for the understanding process. Thus, after listening to a good recitation your body and soul both pay attention towards knowing the meaning of the text and you start understanding Quran in a spiritually elevated manner.

Be Neutral:

Although it may seem odd and different, however, in order to grasp the true meaning of Quran and develop a better understanding you need to understand the meaning of it with a neutral frame of mind. When you understand the meaning from a Muslim point of view, chances are that you may skip some meanings thinking that you know there essence and hence some important information could be overlooked. On the other hand, when you learn the meaning of Quran from a neutral perspective, you try understanding each and every word of it, therefore, none of the meanings are overlooked or less valued.

Read With A Spirit Of Inquiry:

The next thing which you can do in order to have a better understanding of Quran is by reading it with the spirit of inquiry. One of the major reasons why Muslims have not been able to make full use of Quran is the fact that they only read it as a Holy Scripture and do not try to ponder over whatever it says and never inquire about its instruction. Therefore, if you read Quran with a spirit of inquiry, you will definitely get to the conclusion that whatever it says is truth and nothing but the truth.


Once you have read the meaning of the verses of Quran, the next thing you need to do in order to develop better understanding is contemplate over the meanings. Once you know the meaning you need to think over them and see what they mean and how these meanings of these words can be applied to the daily life. With meanings, you develop a certain understanding, and contemplating upon that understanding improves your view of things and you are better able to relate with things.

View from Different Perspectives:

Every human has some kind of opinion, observation or perspective regarding life, therefore, for better understanding of Quran it is imperative that one tries to understand from his or her own perspective. When one finds it according to his or her perspective, the next thing to do is to view the message of Quran from different perspectives. Hence, when the message of Quran is viewed from different perspectives, the ultimate result is a better understanding of life and the light that Quran puts on life and its every aspect.

Try Learning Arabic:

Arabic is one of the most diverse and complex languages of the world. Although you can understand the essence of Quran by reading its translation, however, if you learn Arabic, then the understanding of true meaning becomes more easy and efficient. Therefore, in order to have a better understanding, it is imperative that you try learning Arabic as well, which will definitely lead to better and greater understanding. Professional Tutors  who can help you in order to learn to recite the Quran in Arabic language.


Quran is the Divine Book of knowledge and wisdom, therefore, besides its mere recitation, it is imperative that a Muslim adopts different methods and ways to develop an understanding of its message, so that it could be applied in life and the true purpose of Quran could be fulfilled.