The people of which religion will enter Paradise….Judaism, Christianity or Islam?

The people of which religion will enter Paradise….Judaism, Christianity or Islam?

Mohamad Mostafa Nassar


To answer this question the scholars of each religion were called upon


The famous scholar Imam Mohammed Abdullah represented the Muslims!A famous Cardinal represented the Christians and a famous Rabbi represented the Jews…And this question was put forth to them: Who will go to Paradise?Jews, Christians or Muslims??? 

Imam Mohammed Abdullah, who was representing the Muslims, stood up and gave such a logical answer in front of the gathering, that left the Christian Cardinal and the Jewish Rabbi absolutely speechless. They left the gathering with their heads bowed down.

The answer given by the Muslim Imam was short, concise , polite and full of wisdom. There was a smile on the faces of the Muslim community and this chapter was closed forever. 

Imam Mohammed Abdullah said, “ *If the Jews go to paradise, we will go with them because we also have faith in Musa AS, and we believe that ALLĀH {ﷻ} sent him towards his people as a prophet.* 

 *“If the Christians go to Paradise, we will go with them, because we also have faith in Essa AS. ALLĀH had chosen him as a Prophet to lead his people and to direct them towards the right path.* 

 *But if Muslims go to Paradise, we will go alone with the Mercy of ALLĀH {ﷻ}.* 
 *No Jew or Christian will go with us, because *they did not believe in ﷺMohammed nor did they have faith in him..!!* 

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