The Muslim Contributions To Ireland – Untold Story (VIDEO)

The Muslim Contributions To Ireland – Untold Story (VIDEO)

Mohamad Mostafa Nassar


In this time and age, Muslims and the religion of Islam are being associated with extremism and terrorism and as a barbaric people who know nothing but violence, as the mainstream media likes to portray us.

Ustadh Wahaj Tarin discusses the real legacy of Muslims and unfolds an untold historical event when the Caliph Abdul Mecid, helped the people of Ireland during ‘The Great Hunger’ when over a million died and another million fled.

The Ottoman Caliph sent over 1000 silver coins, that would be equivalent to over a £1 million today. And he also sent a number of ships full of food. Initially, he wanted to send £10,000 but was blocked by the British.

James Robert Flynn (AKA Jim Flynn), is the emeritus Professor of Political Studies at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand, mentions the Caliph’s contribution to Ireland, in his book:

“As an Irish- American married to a Jewish-American, I have a special interest in two groups. Start with the famine in Ireland (An Gorta Mor in Gaelic) by reading Cecil Woodham-Smith’s The Great Hunger: Ireland 1845-1849. Over a decade, out of a population of eight million a million died and a million emigrated; even today the Island’s total population is still just over six million.

If you want to know why the Irish came to hate the English Crown, in 1845 Ottoman Sultan Abdulmecid I declared his intention of sending 10,000 pounds sterling to famine-wracked Ireland; Queen Victoria asked him to send only 1000 because she had sent only 2000.

The sultan sent the lesser amount but secretly dispatched three ships full of food. English courts tried to block the ships. However, Ottoman sailors smuggled the food ashore in Drogheda Harbour. The Crown did not try to intercept the $710 sent by American Choctaw Indians. (The Torchlight List: Around the World in 200 Books [2013] by Jim Flynn, page, page 31)

William J. O’Neill Daunt (1807 – 1894 CE) was born in the early 18th century confirms the previous statement. He relates that the son of Sultan’s doctor had said to him that the Ottoman Caliph had offered £10,000, but was blocked by the English ambassador, as Queen Victoria only offered £1,000. However, even though they blocked the sultan, he nonetheless sent over a number of ships full of food. Here is the brief account from W. J. O’Neill Daunt (1807 – 1894 CE):

“18th. M’Carthy (the Turk) dined with Charles today. He told me that the Sultan had intended to give £10,000 to the FAMINE-STRICKEN IRISH, but was deterred by the English Ambassador, Lord Cowley, as Her Majesty, who had only subscribed £1000, would have been annoyed had a foreign sovereign given a larger sum…” (A Life Spend For Ireland: Being Selections from the Journals of The Late W. J. O’Neill Daunt, edited by his daughter [From the Library Of Gerald Tighe. London: T. Fisher Unwin Paternoster Square, MDCCCXCVI – University Of Wisconsin – Madison Library, 1896], page 98)

Watch the video here (Speaker Ustadh Wahaj Tarin):

Excerpt from the above video on Ireland’s famine (hunger):

At a time where really difficult images are being associated with Islam, we have a long legacy of contribution to the world and its entirety.

And that, that legacy and that contribution and that notion should not be hijacked by rogue organisations.
And the world and the media should not do the injustice of associating the classics with the fake.

What did this Muslim world look inside?
The first, it was a civilisation with humanity. It felt and supported other humans.
There is a story that in Ireland, a disease filled the potato plantations.
And their main food was potatoes in Ireland, especially amidst the poor. There was very little food produced that year.
And a lot of people died and the Irish dubbed it; The Great Hunger.

And they say a million people died and million people left, you know, the locality.

A million is a lot of people to die. It isn’t that there wasn’t any food in Ireland, there was. But Ireland was subjugated by the English. And a lot of property was owned by the English.

So the produce that was produced was sent back to England, and the poor died in Ireland.
So eventually, news of this reached the Ottoman Caliph that there are humans, non-Muslims, Christians, dying in Ireland out of poverty. Please help.
And this was a time where the Ottomans were having some internal problems as well.

So the Khalifa felt a huge sense of responsibility.
And in his humanity with man, he promised:

“I will send ten thousand silver pounds to Ireland.”

But at the same, (he was) he was not a reckless ruler. And he recognised that Ireland is under the stewardship of Britain.

So he found out how much the British Queen, Queen Victoria, is doing to help out Ireland.
And he found that she is only giving two thousand silver pounds. And he had promised ten thousand.
So in recognising that this would make her look very small, he reduced his number to one thousand.

Do you see that Muslim Monarchs didn’t want the disruptions of other land other systems? But he said:
“I have made a promise of ten thousand. I have to take goods to them equivalent to that same sum, although in money I will give only a thousand.”

So he sent a thousand silver coins, which comes to a million something in our currency, pounds to them.
And then he sent five ships loads of grains. There was no income to expect, no business; this is just helping his fellow man.

And when it reached there, the people were very overwhelmed, and the nobles of Ireland wrote this letter of thanks and gratitude back to the Sultan.

And it reads a little like this:

“We the noblemen, gentlemen and inhabitants of Ireland, want to express our thanks and gratitude for the Ottoman Sultan’s munificent assistance.

The Sultan’s assistance, response to this aid call displays an example to European states.
Numbers were relieved and saved from this timely act, we express our gratitude on their behalf and hope the Ottoman sultan, and his Dominions will be saved from the afflictions which have befallen us.”

In recognition of this timely act of this gracious Khalifa, they adopted the symbol of the crescent and the star in some of their government buildings.

And today their soccer team wears this proudly on their shirts, in memory of what the Ottoman Caliph had done for them, at a time when very few would come to their aid.

And not only that Istanbul sent, but other Muslims parts of the Islamic Khilafah, Bombay and other countries, they all sent goods to this land so that they could save their fellow man.

And you contrast this approach with the senseless approach that is being associated with Muslim governments today, and you see a direct contrast what is real and what is fake.

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