Paul is the real founder of Christianity

Paul is the real founder of Christianity

Mohamad Mostafa Nassar


The teachings of Jesus as the Son of God were not preached by Jesus nor accepted by Jesus, but were taught by Paul as supported in Acts 9:20:

“And straightway he preached Christ in the synagogues, that he is the Son of God.”Did Jesus ever claim to be God or say, “Here am I, your God, worship me”?The answer is no.For there is nosingle, unequivocal statement in the Bible whereby Jesus himself declares, “I am God, therefore worship me.”Virtually all of the more than two thousand verses of the epistles of Paul are his own fabrications to include Romans 9:5 that says, dependingupon which Bible you read:

“…Christ came, who is overall, the eternally blessed God.”

Christians should know that Paul himself mentions his own gospel, not Jesus, in his epistle to the Romans when he says in Romans 2:16:

“In the day when God will judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ, according to my gospel.”In face, the Pauline epistle to the Romans serves as the foundation of today’s Christianity.Thus, it is the Christians whose efforts will be wastedin this life as they think they were acquiring good by their works when they attribute partners to God, as stated in Chapter 18:103-106 of the Qur’an:

“Say: Shall we tell you of those who lost most in respect of their deeds? Those whose efforts have been wasted in this life, while they thought that they were acquiring good by their works?”they are those who deny the Signs of theirLord and the fact of their having to meet Him (in the Hereafter):

vain will be their works, nor shall We, on the Day of judgment, give them any weight.That is their reward, Hell;because they rejected Faith, andtook My Signs and My Messengers by way of jest. Quran (Al-Kahf 18:103-106)

Indeed, it is so strange and ironic, knowing that none of Paul’s epistle to the Romans, more than 430 verses, were ever formulated by Jesus.Paul should have made direct reference to the pristine teachings of Jesus, if only the former claim for apostleshipby divine inspiration was indeed true.

Instead, large parts of his epistles’ Biblical quotations (notably those in the Epistle to the Romans) were taken from the Old Testament – Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, 2 Samuel, 1 Kings, Psalms,Proverbs, Isaiah, Ezekiel and Hosea.His epistles were, indeed a product of tedious efforts, but that does not make Paul far better than any of the other men who authored the Bible, nor does it make him a Prophet.

Other practices that were adopted under Paul included the following: the Roman sun-day as the Christian Sabbath;the traditional birthday of the Sun-god as the birthday of Jesus;the emblem of the sun-god (the cross of light) to bethe emblem of Christians;and, the incorporation of all the ceremonies which were performed at the Sun-god’s birthday celebrations.

As I come to a close concerning the position of Christ, I would like to ask my Christian reader bow down and pray earnestly to God and ask Him to invoke His curse on you, your wife, your sons, and your daughters if what you believeaboutChrist (Christ is God, Son of God or part of a trinity of God) are false.Likewise,

I have learned that if you asked a Muslim to earnestly pray to God to invoke His curse on him, his wife, his sons, andhis daughters if what he is saying about Christ (Prophet, Messenger of God, A Word from God) are false, the Muslims are firm in their faith knowing that Christ is not God, nor the Son of God and nor part of a trinity ofGod.

This exercise of asking God to invoke His curse on you and your family may sound a bit cruel, but it would prove two points:

(1) you would know that you are on the wrong path;and,

(2) it wouldput you on the right path.

Paul was one of the real and fanatical enemies of Jesus Christ,he tutured and even became happy when Steven one of Jesus’s followers was mercilessly killed by his gang.

Later Paul pretended to be one of them (Jesus’s disciples) while he is not.All Jesus’s disciples rejected him for pretending and hypocrisy.

There was misunderstanding between Paul and Peter regards inviting Gentiles (the Non-Jews) to Jesus’s message.

Paul became a problem to all Jesus’s disciples as well to the Christian world today.Read what Paul says in his hypocritacal pretence.

“I made myself slave to all,that I might win the more (converts by cuning). To the Jews I became as a Jew,in order to win Jews. To those under the law I became as one under the law though not beingunder the law that I might win those under the law. To those outside the law I became as one outside the law not being without law toward God but under the law of Christ(not under the law of God)”.1Corinthians 9:19.

From the above statement of Paul,you understand that Paul tried to deceive those claim to be Christians today and he succeeded in cuning plan because Christians beleive in Paul over Jesus Christ.

Definitely,Paul is the real founder of Christianity,the cuning and self appointed apostle.

* He was an unbeliever who did not believe in Christ in any way.

(Vandick) (Acts) (Acts-26-9) (I myself, that I thought I ought to do many things contrary to the name of Jesus of Nazareth.)

* Thief and traitor and torment followers of Christ

Acts 8 and 3: And Saul prevailed over the church when he entered

The houses drag men and women and deliver them to prison (SVD)

(Acts-22-20) (And when the blood of your martyr Stephen was shed, I was standing and satisfied with his death and keeping the clothes of those who killed him.)

How did Paul enter Christianity?

Paul entered Christianity through a dream he saw going to Damascus

He claimed that he saw Jesus Christ !!!

3 – Are there two witnesses to what Paul claimed to see Jesus Christ?

Jesus says: –

(Jn-5-31) (if I testify to myself, my testimony is not really.)

(Jn-8-17) (and also in your law it is written that the testimony of two men is true.)

Paul the False Apostle of Satan