Message From Allah To His Creation

Message From Allah To His Creation

Mohamad Mostafa Nassar


In this post you will find Allah addressing His creation directly, via The Quran and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), either in first person — I, Me, My — or at the most in second person — We, Our. That said, one should not misinterpret that other verses from The Quran or teachings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) aren’t from Allah.

For this post we decided to narrow the scope and pick some citations which are either in first person from Allah or at the max second person as stated above. 
Here are some key messages. This is not an exhaustive list. 

Message #1: Worship None but Me

Salah or prayer is the second pillar of Islam, first being Imaan. One cannot be a Muslim if a person does not worship Allah five times a day, which is mandatory. The Prophet (pbuh) said, “Between a person and Kufr (disbelief) is abandoning the prayer.” ~ Ibn Majah 5/1131. 

The sole reason why Allah created this universe is to test mankind if they fulfill the commandments laid out by Allah â€” worship being the primary requirement. Allah says in The Quran “I created the jinn and men only to worship Me.” ~ Quran 51:56. The Prophet (pbuh) said that Allah says, “The first of his actions for which a servant of Allah will be held accountable on the Day of Resurrection will be his prayers.

If they are in order, then he will have prospered and succeeded (i.e. Paradise)…” This narration goes on to say that if the mandatory prayers are deficient then Allah will look how many non-mandatory prayers was offered voluntarily by that person. 

Secondly, Allah mentions in several places that whatever be our need, we must ask from Him only and no one else, as He is The Creator. Hence this verse

Call upon Me, I shall respond. Indeed those who are too proud to worship Me will enter Hell, disgraced.” ~ Quran 40:60

Take a look at the post below where we provide a longer Hadith, from Muslim 45/70, that highlights the 3 key attributes/names of Allah – The Most Merciful, The King and The Sustainer.  

In another verse Allah says, 

“And when My servants ask you (O Muhammad) concerning Me, (tell them) indeed I am nearI respond to the invocation of the supplicant when he calls upon Me. So let them obey Me and believe in Me, so that they may be (rightly) guided.” ~ Quran 2:186

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Message #2: Fear None but Me

There will be times when you stand up for what’s right and the people around will tell you to fear the ‪‎system‬, fear the ‪‎society‬, fear your ‪‎boss‬, fear your ‪‎company‬, or fear your ‪‎enemy‬. However note what Allah says in the Quran 2:41& 16:51 ~ “… and fear Me and Me alone.” Here are some more verses from the Quran where Allah says to fear Him only. The crux of the matter here is if you fear Allah alone, He will ensure to take you out of your problems through His mercy. 

Supplicating and asking Allah only is the key during distress, and one will be measured based on his soundness of Imaan and depth of his intentions.

Quran 3:102 states similar but goes on to say that the believer should hold on to his Imaan. Constantly cribbing about something may indicate a weak Imaan and due to constant nagging a believer could utter something extremely sinful that may lead him out of the fold of Islam. Thus belief in Allah is extremely important during hard times. 

O you who have believed, fear Allah (by doing all that He has ordered and by abstaining from all that He has forbidden) as He should be feared (obey Him, be thankful to Him, and remember Him always) and do not die except as Muslims. ~ Quran 3:102

Message #3: I have sent Messengers to Every Nation

One of the Islamic belief system is that Allah has sent several Messengers after Adam (a.s) and sent many divine books as a source of guidance for mankind. They were not sent to one nation to the exclusion of others, or to one continent to the exclusion of others. Rather they were sent to all nations, in different places and at different times — last messenger being Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the last book being The Quran.

Ibn Kathir, through his interpretation, has mentioned that 104 divine books were revealed by Allah. Quran mentions only 4 of them by name. Similarly some scholars state (based on few weak hadith) that there were about 124,000 messengers sent by Allah.

only mentions 25 Prophets by names. Thus by sending several messengers and holy books to every nation Allah has established proof against His slaves that though His mercy, Allah did His favor. It was up to mankind to absorb the message from the messengers – to be successful in the Hereafter. 

The objective of sending Messengers to every nation was to let people know that they should worship none but Allah and that He was The Creator, The Sustainer, The Cherisher. See #1 above. In addition the messengers were tasked to warn people not to take Gods or false deities other than Allah else they will have to face the wrath of Allah. 

And We certainly sent among every Ummah (community, nation) a Messenger (proclaiming): Worship Allah (Alone), and avoid Taghoot (false deities) ~ Quran 16:36

The Quran goes on to say, 

And, indeed We have sent Messengers before you (O Muhammad SAW); of some of them We have related to you their story and of some We have not related to you their story, and it was not given to any Messenger that he should bring a sign except by the leave of Allah. So, when comes the Commandment of Allah, the matter will be decided with truth, and the followers of falsehood will then be lost. ~ Quran 40:78

Message #4: Be grateful to Me and to Your Parents

Allah commands a very high degree of care, gratefulness, respect and obedience towards one’s parents. Our post on ‘The Status of Parents in Islam‘ summarizes this fact in the light of The Quran and several Sahih Hadith. It is said, on the feet of your mother lies Paradise and your father is your door to Heaven. If you are not respecting and taking care of them, it is believed that all your good deed will be worthless in the eyes of Allah on the day of resurrection.

Quran, in several places, has indicated that a believer should be thankful to Allah, The Lord of the Worlds. No matter how much one worships Allah, one cannot repay His countless favors. Quran 14:34 & 16:18 says, “… if you count the Blessings of Allah, never will you be able to count them.” One can show a sincere gratitude towards Allah by totally submitting to His commandments.

Remember that gratitude for blessings is a blessing which needs to be given thanks for, so that one will continue to enjoy the blessings of his Lord. So give thanks to Allah for those blessings and praise Him for helping you. Allah says,

If you are grateful, I will surely increase you (in favor), but if you deny, indeed, My punishment is severe.” ~ Quran 14:7

Message #5: Avoid Major Sins

Islam is a way of life. The premise is, if you believe Allah has created you then it becomes imperative for that believer to fully submit to what Allah and His Messenger (pbuh) has advised. The one who fully submits his will to Allah’s commandments is called a Muslim. Thus a practicing Muslim strictly follows the Quran and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and avoids major sins that Allah has asked them to safeguard themselves from. Allah says:

If you avoid the major sins which you are forbidden, We will remove from you your minor sins and admit you to a noble entrance (Paradise). ~ Quran 4:31

Some major sins in Islam is available here.

Message #6: Follow the Teachings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Allah sent Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as a mercy to the entire mankind. That means The Prophet (pbuh) was not sent for Muslims only but as a mercy for every animate and inanimate creation of Allah. He (pbuh) was the last messenger sent by Allah – see here and here.

The Prophet (pbuh) during his lifetime was revered by many, including his enemies. There were many honorable titles given to The Prophet (pbuh), some being Al Amin (the trustworthy), Al Sadiq (the honest), Ar Rauf (the kind) and others. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was the best of Allah’s creations.

The Quran categorically says,

He who obeys the Messenger (Prophet Muhammad pbuh) has obeyed Allah. ~ Quran 4:80 

In other words it means, if one does not obey The Prophet (pbuh), in whatever instructions he has provided big or small, through his teachings recorded in the books of Sahih Hadith, then that person has disobeyed Allah.

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Message #7: Rejecting My Laws will Lead to Consequences

Since Allah is The Master and The Creator, He wishes His Creation to follow laws ordained by Him. Worshiping is one part but following His teachings from The Quran and the teachings of The Prophet (pbuh) is paramount for a Muslim. Rejecting or not accepting any one out of several instructions can lead to a Muslim becoming a disbeliever. Thus Allah says in The Quran,

Those who reject Our Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses, signs, lessons, revelations), We shall gradually seize them with punishment in ways they perceive not. ~ Quran 7:182 

The believer is tried and tested by Allah with the objective to see who is sincere in faith â€” during trials and sufferings if the Muslim is patient or rejects and goes astray. A Non-Muslim is tested and is shown signs of Allah’s Might and Majesty with the objective to see if he falls in line and comes back to the true religion of Allah.

Allah says in the Quran,

And whoever turns away from My remembrance, indeed he will have a depressed life, and We will gather him on the Day of Resurrection blind. ~ Quran 20:124. 

That’s because if a slave of Allah did not believe in the commandments when he was sent in this world, he will be humiliated by Allah on the day of resurrection by raising him blind. Consequently he will be thrown in Hell for not using his wisdom (cognitive ability) to realize and appreciate one true God.

Message #8: Respect Time and You will Respect Me

Time management is one of the core teachings of Islam. The best example is Muslims are commanded to pray 5 times a day, each on a fixed time. The azaan (call for prayer) will be announced exactly at the time prescribed and the Imam of a masjid will start mandatory prayers dot on time, without any delay. Punctuality is highly recommended in Islam. 

It is binding on a sincere Muslim to respect time in several ways — committing to fulfill an obligation on fixed date/time, promising to pay a certain amount to a lender on an agreed time, by utilizing leisure time effectively, learning from the passage of time etc. The Prophet (pbuh) said, 

Allah said, The Son of Adam hurts me for he abuses Time, though I am Time. In My Hands are all things, and I cause the revolution of day and night. ~ Bukhari 6/60/351 

Time is a gift from the Creator and its proper use will determine our outcome for eternity. Some people die too early in life and some people are given respite till they become old. Thus time is one of the greatest blessings of Allah to humans.

The Prophet (pbuh) also said,

There are two blessings which many people lose: (They are) Health and free time for doing good. ~ Bukhari 81/1

Message #9: You will be Tested in Many Ways. Do Not Despair.

The sole reason why humans were sent to this world was because Allah could test their sincerity towards their Lord. Then depending on their deeds, He will judge and admit them either in paradise or hell. More on this topic here. As it is clear from the Quranic verse below, tests in one’s life distinguishes the liars from the truthful.

We shall certainly test you, until We ascertain those of you who (sincerely) strive and those who are steadfast (in religion of Allah); and We shall test your affairs (to distinguish the liars from the truthful) ~ Quran 47:31

To top it all the Quran goes on and asserts the following:

We will show them Our Signs, in the universe and in their own selves, until it becomes clear to them that this (The Quran) is the truth. ~ Quran 41:53

Allah challenges the disbelievers that He will show them several signs which will make them believe that Allah is The Creator and The Quran was sent as a guidance to the entire mankind. Quran was revealed more than 1400 years ago and humans, in the 21st century, are discovering scientific miracles from The Quran. In that process many Non-Muslim scientists have reverted to Islam; viz. Prof. Keith MooreDr. Maurice Bucaille and others.

Message #10: The Day of Resurrection will Certainly Come

Many choose to ignore this but there are two things that are certain — one’s death and the coming of the day of resurrection. The good part is no one knows when each of them will come â€” this secret Allah has revealed to none â€” neither to the Angels nor Jinns nor any messenger that was sent to this world.

Since humans were tasked to prove their obedience towards Allah, when they are sent to this world, it was also determined that after the tests are over, the results for each individual will be out (see #3 below).

In the interim the person will repay for his deeds based on the following 3 stages:

  1. While a person is alive he will be rewarded or punished in the world based on how a person conducted himself. 
  2. When the person is in grave he pay for his deeds till he is resurrected by Allah. Depending on his deeds the grave will either become paradise-like or hell-like. 
  3. When the person is resurrected Allah will open the book of deeds of the person and question him based on how he conducted himself when he was sent into the world.

That’s why Allah warned His creation by saying,

Indeed, they see it (Qiyamah) distant. But We see it (quite) near.” ~ Quran 70:6-7

Allah goes on to say:

To Me is your return and I will inform you what you used to do. ~ Quran 29:8 

The Quran tells elsewhere:

And Allah created the heavens and earth in truth and so that every soul may be recompensed for what it has earned, and they will not be wronged. ~ Quran 45:22

Message #11: I am The Most Merciful. The King. The Sustainer.

The message below is based on the narration from Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), which is recorded in Sahih Muslim 45/70. This hadith (out of thousands hadith) is important and deserves an exclusive mention in this post as it displays The Majesty of Allah in several ways. It also highlights 3 out of 99 names/attributes of Allah – The Most Merciful (Ar-Rahim). The King (Al-Malik) and The Sustainer (Ar-Razzaq). We believe the message is clear and hence we won’t go into any commentary or further explanation of the nuggets below. 

Allah said, “O My servants! I have made oppression unlawful for Me and unlawful for you, so do not commit oppression against one another.” 

Allah said, “O My servants! All of you are liable to err except one whom I guide on the right path. So seek right guidance from Me, so that I should direct you to the right path.

Allah said, “O My servants! All of you are hungry (needy) except one whom I feed. So beg food from Me,so that I may give that to you.

Allah said, “O My servants! All of you are naked (need clothes) except one whom I provide garments. So beg clothes from Me, so that I should clothe you.” 

Allah said, “O My servants! You commit error night and day and I am there to pardon your sins. So beg pardon from Me so that I should grant you pardon.

Allah said, “O My servants! You can neither do me any harm nor can you do Me any good.” 

Allah said, “O My servants! Even if the first amongst you and the last amongst you and even the whole of human race of yours, and that of jinns become (equal in) God-consciousness like the heart of a single person amongst you, nothing would add to My Power.”

Allah said, “O My servants! Even if the first amongst you and the last amongst you and even the whole human race of yours and that of jinns in unison become the most wicked, like the heart of a single person, it would cause no loss to My Power.” 

Allah said, “O My servants! Even if the first amongst you and the last amongst you and even the whole of human race of yours, and that of jinns all stand in one plain ground and you ask Me and I confer upon every person what he asks for, it would not, in any way, cause any loss to Me, (even less) than that which is cause to the ocean by dipping the needle in it. 

Allah said, “O My servants! I shall reward you so he whose deeds which I am recording is good should praise Allah. And he who does not find that should not blame anyone but his own self.” 

Narrated by The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) ~ Sahih Muslim 45/70

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Allah knows Best.

Almighty Allah is the highest and most knowledgeable, and the attribution of knowledge to him is the safest.

Right from Almighty Allah and wrong from me and Satan

Prepared by Mohamad Mostafa Nassar 

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