Islam versus Western Ideology

Islam versus Western Ideology

What kind of life do you want to live?

*Western ideology says* drink responsibly,

*Islam says* abstain totally from intoxicants and hard drugs.

*Western ideology says* use condoms & contraceptives,

*Islam says* abstain from premarital sex and adultery.

*Western ideology says* gender equality,

*Islam says* gender right.

*Western ideology says* what a man can do, a woman can do better.

*Islam says* that women were not created to do what men can do and vice-versa.

*Western ideology says* ‘viewers discretion, 18+ only’,

*Islam says* no to pornographic materials.

*Western ideology says* showing your body makes you look attractive & desirable,

*Islam says* covering your body makes you look respectable and adorable.

*Western ideology says* you can’t marry more than one wife but you

can have a string of extramarital affairs,

*Islam says* it is forbidden for you to have extramarital affairs but if you’re

capable financially, physically, and emotionally and can be just among them, you can marry more than one wife up to a maximum of four.

*Western ideology says* you may give to the poor and needy out of your wealth if you so wish,

*Islam says* you MUST give to the

poor and needy a stipulated fraction out of your wealth.

*Western ideology says* you accumulating lot of wealth and property is a sign that God loves you,

*Islam says* that you amassing lot of wealth and properties without accountability is a sign of God testing you and how kind you are to the poor and needy through the wealth.

*Western ideology says* this world is meant to be enjoyed,

*Islam says* this world is a test for all believers.

*Western world says* that death is a punishment and bad omen from the devil,

*Islam says* death is from God and simply the medium of returning the creature back to its creator for accountability.