Islam as comprehensive solution for humanity versus earthy ideologies

“And no bearer of burdens will bear the burden of another” Qur’an Surah Fatir=Chapter the originator” Quran (35:18)


Islam cannot be blames for mistakes of anyone who wrongly implement it incorrectly. A person can not blame his parents for his own mistakes that would be like the inheritance of original sin in Christianity

Islam govern for CENTURIES before any democracy, communism, capitalism, socialism, or any of all those “isms” start to poison our Muslim communities. Under the umbrella of Islamic sharia=Islamic Laws, various religious and ethnic minorities thrived and no clear evidence that the existing of Christin and even Jews in Arabic and Islamic countries just for less than eight years.

When the Zionist movement betrayed the Arabic and Muslim countries they were living among and wanted to rob the lands of Palestine to themselves and of course with assistance of those capitalist crusaders in Britain, France, Europe, and the United States. Moreover, the Socialist Communist countries in the eastern block headed by the Soviet Union supported the Zionist movement against Islam was well.

From Islamic perspective, Islamic teachings gives Muslims the FRAMEWORK in which we as Muslims Must follow and abide by. Example it is forbidden for a Muslim Government follows Islam to allow gambling venues and casinos to operate in Muslim lands. The implementation of this prohibition is obviously an administrative task which is a man-organised effort.

This task in compliance with the general rule of prohibition of gambling. Therefore, it is not forbidden to perform that administrative task to ensure that Islam teachings are implemented. As Islam is the final and last solution for humanity sent by Allah exalted, he, the One and only true God.

Islam is a comprehensive multifaceted religion provides not only spiritual solutions to the questions relevant to the human existence such as who the creator is? Why were awe created? And so, on

But also, Islam provides solutions to address social, economic, and political problems, Islam was not revealed to be “integrated” within any other earthy systems.

We have witnessed the rise and fall of socialism and communism in the Soviet Union which ended by the collapse of the Soviet Union itself and so many Russian women ended up working as prostitutes to feed themselves and their families.

While the Communist party in charge were filthy wealthy, pretending to be sharing poverty with the rest of the community. While in fact they were enjoying the lavish lifestyle in secret. Upon the fall of the Soviet Union and when Russia turned to private ownership and privatization.

The very same people who were communist and socialist leaders in the Communist party, were the same new capitalists who ended up buying the big projects that were on sale by the bankrupt Government that they destroyed by themselves.

While it is true, that as Muslims we are not prohibited from learning new worldly systems and skills as part of the transfer and localization of skills, critical scientific knowledge, and alike various aspects of life Such transfer of knowledge must NOT contradict with the fundamental teachings of Islam.

There is no prohibition from learning from non-Muslims all new technologies, modern methods of managements and any think that does not contravene with Islam. What is forbidden in Islam is to copy and mimic non-Muslims in their polytheism, idolatry, and any bad habits.

Islam respects freedom of religion, Islam have never had die or convert to Islam policy, Islam does not need to collect numbers of hypocrites. In fact, Allah exalted he in the Glorious holy Quran, commends the efficient qualitative Muslim community over a quantitative large in numbers community.

Current and existing large multimillion Christian communities in many Arabic and Islamic countries is crystal-clear concrete evidence on the tolerance of Islam. Example Christian Coptic Community in Egypt. Even there are Jews in Tunisia, Morocco as we speak.

Islam does not side with capitalism, or socialism or communism on the opposite Islam will tolerate some of those systems if they do not contradict with Islam. Example Islam accepts private ownership.

But at the same time prohibits monopoly which sadly can be viewed in many capitalistic systems, and we have witnessed the collapse of many capitalistic economies or at least extreme disadvantages to large sectors of the communities’ lives under capitalist economies.

Example, African American communities in the United States, even Hispanic communities as well. They have been mistreated badly by comparison to other sectors of the American society such as white Americans.

Islam would not prohibit foreign investors from investing in Muslim lands or to have private ownership if they operate in vital and useful industries that are not forbidden Islamically such as production of alcohol, or pig processing factories or operate brothels or manufacturing arms for the sole purposes of selling it to anyone who might be using it in aggressive behaviours.

Make no mistake, while all these earthy human ideologies might promote deceiving attractive slogans of equality, justice, fair go for all, freedoms and better live for everyone.

That real statistics never lie; we have witnessed enormous poverty under the socialist communist regime in former Soviet Union to the level where the Soviet Union army soldiers were begging for food.

Many Russians, Ukrainian and many women from the Eastern socialist communist women worked as prostitutes to feed themselves- They have even moved to Arabic Islamic cities for such filth such as Dubai, Red Sea resorts and in Egypt etc. Same can be said about many Asian countries that were communist socialist regimes.

Also do not forget to find out about the statistic of drug and alcohol abuse in the Western world, associated with the pandemic domestic violence. Very high rates of crimes, rape, armed robberies.

Homosexually, out of wedlock debauchery and all sexually transmitted diseases that comes with it, very high rates of abortion. Staggering numbers of bastard children born out of wedlock and dumbed in the streets or in front of churches or even in hospitals, Europe is no better, do not be deceived by the glamorous and don’t let the Western lights to dazzle your eyes.

Check here for more information A Nation of Bastards

Why do we need atheistic ideologies such communism, socialism, secularism, and capitalism and any “isms” to participate in running our Arabic and Islamic countries?

Didn’t we try all those ideologies already and destroyed our countries already?

Can’t you see how imperial enemies of Islam are exporting those ideologies to us Muslims to make us stay away from Islam?

When are we going to implement Islam, in grave after we are dead? Get real, we must try our best to abide by Islam in all our aspects of life. We had enough of those venomous poisonous ideologies.

In short in Islam morality govern polities, fear of God, and obey his instructions are our main guidelines. Observe Islamic teachings that encourage as to do good deeds, justice to all people, charity, forbid the bad and promote the Good.

Yes, the Glorious Holy Qur’an advise us to make consultations “shura” among ourselves Muslims as a religious duty, which was NOT the case prior to Islam amongst pagans. Perhaps Pagans or Jews and Christians consulted each other. But consultations “shura” is a religious duty in Islam that we get rewarded for following it.

No doubt the consultations “shura” with anyone even non-Muslims specialised in any scientific field for the benefit of Islam is not forbidden. However, priority must be given to Muslims who have the same skills and scientific knowledge first.

When the general populations of Muslims gather to choose a new Muslim leader=Caliph according to Pledge “bay’ah” (allegiance) as described in Islam, make no mistake that it is NOT democracy.

Pledge “bay’ah” (allegiance)= the Promotion of Muslim to be Muslim leader=Caliph is on COMMENDATIONS of Vast majority of Sunni Muslim reputable scholars, who gives testimony that someone of high religious, ethical, and moral standards.

That they choose or commend to be one of the candidates so Muslims can decide to choose one of them (and in doing so they also use consultations “shura”)

What you see in the west is “engineered democracy= managed opposition” all are games, yes people go to vote in “free elections”. But why actually choose the candidates for the masses to choose from?

We have in Islam all the solutions that would fix all world problems if Islam were applied correctly.

Allah knows Best.

Almighty Allah is the highest and most knowledgeable, and the attribution of knowledge to him is the safest.

Right from Almighty Allah and wrong from me and Satan

Prepared by Mohamad Mostafa Nassar- Australia. 

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