If homosexuals are real, then how can Islam disapprove homosexuality?

If homosexuals are real, then how can Islam disapprove homosexuality?

Mohamad Mostafa Nassar


Ok, from what I heard and read, some scientists “proved” that homosexuality is natural.  Now while many, if not most, scientists refuted homosexuality and proved that it is unnatural, but I will go ahead and accept that homosexuality is natural for the sake of argument, even though the rectum inside the anus, and the anus are not designed for sex. 

Allah Almighty created the vagina for intercourse, and created in it the ability to self-lubricate to protect it from the extreme friction that would be caused from the penis’ thrust and relentless strokes during intercourse.  

The rectum and the anus do not have any of that.  Plus, it is filthy dirty of fecal waste and extremely harmful bacteria to both the anus and the penis, especially if cuts do occur and internal bleeding inside the anus happens.  The harmful bacterial will also penetrate the penis’ pores and cause all kinds of infections, including HIV, especially if the feces is mixed with blood due to the internal cut and bleeding. 

And even if no blood is mixed, the fecal bacteria alone is still very harmful to the penis.  But despite all of that, I will take the worst case scenario and still refute it by Allah Almighty’s Will.

It is important to know that it is also natural for us to incline toward lusting after the opposite sex.  So does this now justify lust, fornication and adultery?  The answer is obviously no.  Does this now also mean that I should lust after my sisters or daughters?  Of course not.  How about daughters in law?  They’re not even biological daughters to the step-father.  But they’re still forbidden upon him even if he divorces their mother.

Homosexuals are desperate to justify their actions through Religion.  They always strive on proving that homosexuality is ok with GOD Almighty.  Unfortunately for them, however, Islam does not condone homosexuality.  Let us look at what Allah Almighty Said in the following Noble Verses:

Of all the creatures in the world, will ye approach males, “And leave those whom God has created for you to be your mates? Nay, ye are a people transgressing (all limits)!”  (The Noble Quran, 26:165-166)”

“And (remember) Lut: behold, he said to his people: Ye do commit lewdness, such as no people in Creation (ever) committed before you. “Do ye indeed approach men, and cut off the highway?– and practise wickedness (even) in your councils?” But his people gave no answer but this: they said: “Bring us the Wrath of God if thou tellest the truth.”  (The Noble Quran, 29:28-29)”

If any of your women are guilty of lewdness, Take the evidence of four (Reliable) witnesses from amongst you against them; and if they testify, confine them to houses until death do claim them, or God ordain for them some (other) way.   (The Noble Quran, 4:15)”   If the lesbian woman or women repent, then she or they would be set free.  


The punishment for homosexuality

We already know from the Glorious Quran, that Allah Almighty punished with GREAT PUNISHMENT the people of Sodom and Gomorrah, – Prophet Lot’s people, – because they were homosexuals and great sinners.

Homosexuals, if persist on doing their acts, then they would be considered spreading mischief in the land, and striving to turn the society into the doomed-to-Hell Sodom and Gomorrah ones.  And we know from the Glorious Quran that the latter were doomed with a mighty destruction.  Their punishment can reach the death penalty:

“The punishment of those who wage war against God and His Apostle, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter” Quran (5:33)

The Holy Quran Commands to punish the homosexual men, and to lock in the houses the lesbian women until death comes upon them, or until they repent.  Let us look at Noble Verses 4:15-17:

“If any of your women are guilty of lewdness, Take the evidence of four (Reliable) witnesses from amongst you against them; and if they testify, confine them to houses until death do claim them, or God ordain for them some (other) way.   (The Noble Quran, 4:15)”

“If two men among you are guilty of lewdness, punish them both. If they repent and amend, Leave them alone; for God is Oft-returning, Most Merciful.   (The Noble Quran, 4:16)”

Allah accept the repentance of those who do evil in ignorance and repent soon afterwards; to them will Allah turn in mercy: For Allah is full of knowledge and wisdom.  (The Noble Quran, 4:17)”

What is the punishment for the gay men?

It was left open for the Islamic court to judge on based on each individual situation.  However, if the CONVICTED FELON of any crime goes back to doing the same crime that he was convicted and punished for, then his punishment could reach the death penalty as I already showed in the Noble Verse above. 

Also, notice again in Noble Verse 4:17 above, Allah Almighty accepts the repentance of those who do evil in ignorance

The Islamic court would most likely grant the benefit of the doubt to the felons who do their crimes the first time, as this is almost always the standard practice for all courts all around the world.  But if you get convicted again, then the punishment would be much more severe.

If two men among you are guilty of lewdness, punish them both. If they repent and amend, Leave them alone; for God is Oft-returning, Most Merciful.   (The Noble Quran, 4:16)”  

Here are some analysis on the Noble Verses that insha’Allah will make this very clear:

If any of your women are guilty of lewdness واللاتي ياتين الفاحشة من نسائكم, Take the evidence of four (Reliable) witnesses from amongst you against them; and if they testify, confine them to houses until death do claim them, or God ordain for them some (other) way.   (The Noble Quran, 4:15)”

If two men among you are guilty of lewdness واللذان ياتيانها منكم, punish them both. If they repent and amend, Leave them alone; for God is Oft-returning, Most Merciful.   (The Noble Quran, 4:16)”

اللاتي is a feminine plural for three or more females.  It can also be used for two or more females.  اللتين or اللتان is also plural of two only.  It’s like saying those who commit crimes will be punished.  “those who” here can be more than 3 or less than 3.

اللذان is a masculine plural of two males only.  الذين is a plural of three or more males, or a mix of males and females that are more than three.

اللذان not الذين:

Throughout the Glorious Quran, Allah Almighty used الذين hundreds of times.  It means “those who”.  For example, “those who believe and do righteous good deeds…”.  But in Noble Verse 4:16, Allah Almighty didn’t use الذين , which would’ve included males and females.  He instead here used اللذان TWO MALES or TWO MEN.

There are other Noble Verses that speak about adultery and fornication between men and women.  But the above Noble Verses are indisputably about lesbians and gays; about homosexuals.

“We also (sent) Lut: He said to his people: “Do ye commit lewdness such as no people in creation (ever) committed before you?  (The Noble Quran, 7:80)”

For ye practise your lusts on men in preference to women: Ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds.  (The Noble Quran, 7:81)”

“(We also sent) Lut (as an apostle): behold, He said to his people, “Do ye do what is shameful though ye see (its iniquity)?   (The Noble Quran, 27:54)”

Would ye really approach men in your lusts rather than women? Nay, ye are a people (grossly) ignorant!  (The Noble Quran, 27:55)”

“A sura which We have sent down and which We have ordained in it have We sent down Clear Signs, in order that ye may receive admonition. The woman and the man guilty of adultery or fornication,- flog each of them with a hundred stripes: Let not compassion move you in their case, in a matter prescribed by God, if ye believe in God and the Last Day: and let a party of the Believers witness their punishment.  (The Noble Quran, 24:1-2)”

Nor come nigh to adultery: for it is a shameful (deed) and an evil, opening the road (to other evils).  (The Noble Quran, 17:32)”

“O Prophet! When believing women come to thee to take the oath of fealty to thee, that they will not associate in worship any other thing whatever with God, that they will not steal, that they will not commit adultery (or fornication), that they will not kill their children, that they will not utter slander, intentionally forging falsehood, and that they will not disobey thee in any just matter,- then do thou receive their fealty, and pray to God for the forgiveness (of their sins): for God is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.  (The Noble Quran, 60:12)”

Can not see the nakedness of others:

‘Abd al-Rahman, the son of Abu Sa’id al-Khudri, reported from his father: The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said:  “A man should not see the private parts of another man, and a woman should not see the private parts of another woman, and a man should not lie with another man under one covering, and a woman should not lie with another woman under one covering.   (Translation of Sahih Muslim, The Book of Menstruation (Kitab Al-Haid), Book 003, Number 0667)”

Even bringing suspicion of being a homosexual, fornicator, adulterer or adulterous against yourself is forbidden in Islam.  This is perfectly summed up in this Noble Verse:

“Say: the things that my Lord hath indeed forbidden are: shameful deeds, whether open or secret; sins and trespasses against truth or reason; assigning of partners to God, for which He hath given no authority; and saying things about God of which ye have no knowledge.  (The Noble Quran, 7:33)”

This Hadith (Saying of the Prophet) is clearly saying:

1-  A man can not see another man’s private parts (butt and groin).

2-  A woman also can not see another woman’s private parts, including breasts except perhaps during the time of suckling a baby.

3-  A man can not sleep with another stranger man in the same room.

4-  A woman can not sleep with another stranger woman in the same room.

Like I said, even bringing suspicion of being a homosexual, fornicator, adulterer or adulterous against yourself is forbidden in Islam.

The Prophet’s Commands are a must to follow according to the Noble Quran:

The authentic Sunnah (the way the Prophet lived) and Hadiths (Sayings of the Prophet) of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.  There are ample Noble Verses in the Noble Quran that Command the Muslims to follow not only the Noble Quran, but also the Commands of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him:

“O ye who believe! Obey God, and obey the Apostle, and those charged with authority among you. If ye differ in anything among yourselves, refer it to God and His Apostle, if ye do believe in God and the Last Day: That is best, and most suitable for final determination.  (The Noble Quran, 4:59)”

“God did confer a great favour on the believers when He sent among them an apostle from among themselves, rehearsing unto them the Signs of God, sanctifying them, and instructing them in Scripture and Wisdom, while, before that, they had been in manifest error.  (The Noble Quran, 3:164)”

Obey God, and obey the Apostle, and beware (of evil): if ye do turn back, know ye that it is Our Apostle’s duty to proclaim (the message) in the clearest manner.  (The Noble Quran, 5:92)”

“(We sent) clear proofs and the scriptures. Now, We have sent you this reminder (Qur’an) so that you may demonstrate the revelations to them. Perhaps they may reflect and ponder!  (The Noble Quran, 16:44)”

“When there comes to them some matter touching (Public) safety or fear, they divulge it. If they had only referred it to the Apostle, or to those charged with authority among them, the proper investigators would have Tested it from them (direct). Were it not for the Grace and Mercy of God unto you, all but a few of you would have fallen into the clutches of Satan.  (The Noble Quran, 4:83)”

Those who follow the apostle, the unlettered Prophet, whom they find mentioned in their own (scriptures),- in the law and the Gospel;- for he commands them what is just and forbids them what is evil; he allows them as lawful what is good (and pure) and prohibits them from what is bad (and impure); He releases them from their heavy burdens and from the yokes that are upon them. So it is those who believe in him, honour him, help him, and follow the light which is sent down with him,- it is they who will prosper.  (The Noble Quran, 7:157)”

Say: “Obey God, and obey the Apostle: but if ye turn away, he is only responsible for the duty placed on him and ye for that placed on you. If ye obey him, ye shall be on right guidance. The Apostle’s duty is only to preach the clear (Message).  (The Noble Quran, 24:54)”

“So establish regular Prayer and give regular Charity; and obey the Apostle; that ye may receive mercy.  (The Noble Quran, 24:56)”

Ye have indeed in the Apostle of God a beautiful pattern (of conduct) for any one whose hope is in God and the Final Day, and who engages much in the Praise of God.  (The Noble Quran, 33:21)”

“It is not fitting for a Believer, man or woman, when a matter has been decided by God and His Apostle to have any option about their decision: if any one disobeys God and His Apostle, he is indeed on a clearly wrong Path.  (The Noble Quran, 33:36)”

“The Day that their faces will be turned upside down in the Fire, they will say: “Woe to us! Would that we had obeyed God and obeyed the Apostle!”  (The Noble Quran, 33:66)”

“It is He Who has sent amongst the Unlettered an apostle from among themselves, to rehearse to them His Signs, to sanctify them, and to instruct them in Scripture and Wisdom,- although they had been, before, in manifest error;-  (The Noble Quran, 62:2)”

So obey God, and obey His Apostle: but if ye turn back, the duty of Our Apostle is but to proclaim (the Message) clearly and openly.  (The Noble Quran, 64:12)”

Lust is also not allowed:

Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty: that will make for greater purity for them: And God is well acquainted with all that they do.  (The Noble Quran, 24:30)”

And tell the believing women to lower their gaze and be modest, and to display of their adornment only that which is apparent, and to draw their veils over their bosoms, and not to reveal their adornment save to their own husbands or fathers or husbands’ fathers, or their sons or their husbands’ sons, or their brothers or their brothers’ sons or sisters’ sons, or their women, or their slaves, or male attendants who lack vigour, or children who know naught of women’s nakedness. And let them not stamp their feet so as to reveal what they hide of their adornment. And turn unto Allah together, O believers, in order that ye may succeed.    (The Noble Quran, 24:31)”

In the Middle East:

In the Middle Eastern culture, if my sister’s girlfriend(s) enter the house, then I am obligated to leave, or lock myself quietly in my room, until they leave.

Also, if a woman enters the house without her man, then either all men must leave the house, or get locked in their rooms, except for the young male children.

Notice “…that will make for greater purity for them…”   This is what Allah Almighty Wants in order for Muslims to keep a Pure Society.  Definitely no covets and no sexual arousings.

The Western Societies:

In the non-Muslim Christian Western societies, coveting is extremely high because their entire life style that they adopted promotes sexual sinning.  Their women expose 99% of their bodies by wearing bikinis in beaches, the night clubs, pornography, immoral relationships with boyfriends and girlfriends, etc… all breed nothing but immoral and sinful societies.

More Noble Verses on covet in general, which includes lust:

And do not covet that by which Allah has made some of you excel others; men shall have the benefit of what they earn and women shall have the benefit of what they earn; and ask Allah of His grace; surely Allah knows all things.  (The Noble Quran, 4:32)”

Cast not thine eyes on the [good things] which we have bestowed on several of [the unbelievers, so as to covet the same; neither be thou grieved on their account. Behave thy self with meekness towards the true believers;  (The Noble Quran, 15:88)”

Nor strain thine eyes in longing for the things We have given for enjoyment to parties of them, the splendour of the life of this world, through which We test them: but the provision of thy Lord is better and more enduring.  (The Noble Quran, 20:131)”

“And serve Allah and do not associate any thing with Him and be good to the parents and to the near of kin and the orphans and the needy and the neighbor of (your) kin and the alien neighbor, and the companion in a journey and the wayfarer and those whom your right hands possess; surely Allah does not love him who is proud, boastful;  (The Noble Quran, 4:36)”

“Some scientists “proved” that homosexuality is natural.  Now while many, if not most, scientists refuted homosexuality and proved that it is unnatural”

This is what the medical sciences have to say (I have learnt it during an lecture in Immunology):

Homosexual activity in males can cause infertility.  That’s because if semen is ejaculated to the rectum during the homosexual intercourse, it can contact white blood cells (the lymphocytes) which start produce antibodies against sperms.  Later those antibodies start destroying the man’s own sperms.  This means that the man cannot have children.

many Christian people still believe that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality.  But no-one can seriously believe that a thing that makes one cannot have children is good and natural. Perhaps it would be good if you put this piece of medical evidence on your site, as it confirms what the Qur`an says about gays.

Health care problems of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender patients

Sexually Transmitted Diseases among Gays and Lesbians


None of the homosexuality, lust, fornication and adultery are allowed in Islam.   Therefore, even if a person thinks that he/she is a homosexual, then he/she needs to work on removing this evil desire from their heart and mind exactly as ordinary Muslims work on removing the evil desires of lust, fornication and adultery from their hearts and minds. 

Otherwise, if one’s daughter or sister looks gorgeous enough, then he should try to have sex with her if he has evil desires towards her.  And even worse, step-daughters are not even biological daughters. 

The point here is that just because one might get infected with an evil desire, it doesn’t mean that he/she should go along with it.  It doesn’t make it ok.  Evil desires can be removed from the hearts and minds.  And this is what true believers must always strive to do.

Allah knows Best

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