How can Muslims believe that Allah gave the Quran to Muhammed, as nobody saw it?  He could have made up everything by himself?

How can Muslims believe that Allah gave the Quran to Muhammed, as nobody saw it?  He could have made up everything by himself?

Mohamad Mostafa Nassar


Why it is IMPOSSIBLE for Prophet Muhammed or any teams of people to fabricate the Quran

We’ll prove that Quran was given by Allah and Muhammed (PBUH) didn’t make it Himself.

Logic 1. If Muhammed (peace be upon him) had written the holy Quran, then He would have praised Himself everywhere in the book. Since Allah gave the holy book, you see that all the praises are Allah’s. Only the true lord can praise Himself in such a way.

Logic 2. If Muhammed (peace be upon him) had written the Quran, then He wouldn’t have been mentioned in such a helpless way. Yes, in many verses of Quran, you’ll see that Muhammed (peace be upon him) is presented as a mere creation of Allah. As for example, sura Duha is enough to understand this. Sura Qasas and many other suras reveal that all the power is in Allah’s hands.

Logic 3. If Muhammed (peace be upon him) had written the Quran, then He would have called people to worship Him, not Allah.

Logic 4. If Muhammed (peace be upon him) had written the Quran, then He couldn’t have been able to mention a lot of things that were unknown to people till that time.

Logic 5. If Muhammed (peace be upon him) had written the Quran, then He would have been engaged in thinking and writing the book almost all of His lifetime.

Logic 6. If Muhammed (peace be upon him) had written the Quran, then the literature and the tone that were used in the verses of Quran would be similar to the authentic hadith of Him.

Logic 7. If Muhammed (peace be upon him) had written the Quran, then He wouldn’t have been able to mention a lot of things regarding the future that are now being proven one by one with the advancement of modern technology.

Logic 8. If Muhammed (P peace be upon him) had written the Quran, then His name was presented in the book most of the times than those of other prophets. In fact, the name Moses was mentioned more than Muhammed.

All the revelations on all the prophets were more or less like this. And nobody saw a thing doesn’t mean that it’s not true.

If I hit you with a stone and there comes no scar on your body, will you argue that the hitting wasn’t true. Your pain will reveal that you were hit with something.

The same way, at the time of the revelation of the first verse of Quran, the angel, Gabriel had hugged our prophet very strongly that everybody could see that He was shocked with something.

And everybody knows the aftermath of that – the holy Quran.

So, nobody should be fooled by the unwise concepts like Quran was written by Muhammed (PBUH).

No creature can create a magnificent thing like Quran and Allah challenges that in the book too.

Finally, If Muhammed (peace be upon him) had written the Quran, then He wouldn’t have written a verse to challenge that nobody could create a single verse of Quran because of the suspicion that somebody may be able to do so.

And here’s not the end. If you justify the Quran with adequate knowledge, then you’ll see that it’s impossible to create a book like Quran. It’s intact and will be as it was forever because Allah Himself has taken the responsibility of doing so.

He could’ve made it up himself??

A forty-year-old man, living in a small town where everybody knows everybody up to seventh grandfather even way back.

Born and lived there all his life and is well known in his community to be:

  • Unlettered, Illiterate except probably primary math or so.
  • Never composed poetry, while almost everyone else did
  • Kind, honest and trusted that people left their precious things at his care while travelling, even when he was poor
  • Honorable; never been involved in any inappropriate stuff
  • Generous; supported the needy, welcomed the strangers, and helped others
  • A shepherd for most of his early youth.
  • When working on behalf of others with trading caravans everybody praised his honesty.

When he got the first verse of Qur’an by Gabriel while meditating and yearning for the truth alone in a cave away from the town, he didn’t go like YES! I’m the prophet!! Hallelujah!!

No, he was totally taken by the happening, doubting his own senses, and overwhelmed by the awe; there are two Surahs of Qur’an describing his status then.

If he wrote it himself, wouldn’t he plan a better first scene to show off?

How could Muhammed go from being illiterate to reciting the most eloquent piece of Arabic language and the deepest and the most spiritual, and what Muslims regard as the true guidance and wisdom till the day?

A book which he didn’t write down personally and showed to others but dictated others to do so in front of people, word by word, with no mistakes! with no … “wait I can’t remember”! With no “let’s do it all over again”! Come on it would be your own words and you forget them, and you need to check a written copy, right?!

If it happened, we would’ve learned about it, everything, every little, tiny detail Muhammed did was documented by both who loved or hated him.

A book that no one living then, of Arabs or Jews or others_ who suddenly went from loving Muhammed to hating him after Qur’an or those who came afterwards till the day were able to find one contradicting line among it, not one spelling mistake, not one grammar mistake, factual, prediction or anything even with rhythm!! Not that any efforts were spared in that matter by all Islam haters.

In that community where people lived in simple houses made of primary materials close to each other or tents, Muhammed was able to hide and copy from other work, though illiterate, and keep doing that for 23 years without anyone recognizing that even those who searched for something to accuse him of?!

Those guys who lived then and could speak poetry not only couldn’t blame anything on it, but couldn’t come up with one line matching it, though they were challenged in Qur’an to do so!

If he wrote the book himself; wouldn’t he give himself the right to be a king?! Have a palace, have servants, be so rich, hold endless power?

Muhammed cleaned his house, cooked his food, and repaired his shoe and asked people to call him the servant and messenger of God and not to praise him.

Would he blame himself in Qur’an verses?!

Would he say Muhammed is, but a human can’t do any miracles? Why would he say: dare Muhammed to lie on Us (God) We will torture him? (paraphrasing)

A book written in poetic language, with inner music, dealing in a very appropriate language with all matters from privet to spiritual to financial to warfare and peace, social and family laws, wisdom … etc.

A book is available for anyone to study and criticize, it’s not hidden it’s not for the elites, though only unique ones get to reach deeper levels.

Everyone is approached by Qur’an according to their own level of knowledge, spirituality, sincerity, heart purity and efforts.

Till the day the challenge is still unmet; no one was able to bring a line of kind.

Allah knows Best.

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