God is NOT Human and does not become Human being

God is NOT Human and does not become Human being

Some people argue that God can do everything, then why cannot He take human form? If God wishes He can become a human being. But then He no longer remains God because the qualities of God and human beings in many respects are completely incompatible. The following paragraphs will show the absurdity of the idea of God becoming a human being.

God is immortal and human beings are mortal. You cannot have a God- man i.e. an immortal being, and at the same time and in the same entity. It is meaningless. God does not have a beginning while human beings have a beginning.

You cannot have a person, not having a beginning and at the same time having a beginning. Human being has an end You cannot have a being, which has no end and an end at the same time. It is meaningless.

God Almighty does not require to eat whereas human beings require nourishment to sustain life.

“And He it is that Feeds but is not fed.”

[Holy Qur´an 6 :14]

God does not require rest or sleep while human beings cannot go indefinitely without rest.

But He — the Living, The Self-subsisting, Eternal. No slumber can seize Him Nor sleep. His are all things in the heavens and on earth.”

[Holy Qur´an 2:255]

Worship of another human is useless:

If the idea of God becoming a human is unacceptable, we must also agree that there is therefore no sense in worshipping another human. If God becomes a human form, He ceases to be God and possesses all the qualities of a human.

For example, if a brilliant professor meets with an accident and suffers irreparable loss of memory, it would be foolish on the part of his students to continue to take lessons from him in that subject.

Moreover, if God takes human form, the same human cannot later become God, since human beings, by definition, do not possess the power to become God. The worship of God in a human form is therefore a logical fallacy and should be abhorred in all its forms.

That is the reason why the Holy Qur’an speaks against all forms of anthropomorphism. The glorious Qur’an says in the following verse:

“There is nothing whatever like create him” (AI-Qur’an 42:11)

God does not perform ungodly acts:

The attributes of Almighty God preclude any evil since God is the fountainhead of justice, mercy, and truth. God can never be thought of as doing an ungodly act. Hence, we cannot imagine God telling a lie, being unjust, making a mistake, forgetting things, and such other human failings.

Similarly, God can do injustice if he wants but He will never do it because being unjust is an ungodly act as Allah says:

“Allah is never unjust in the least degree”

([Holy Qur´an 4:40)

God can be unjust if he wants, but the moment God does injustice He ceases to be God.

God does not forget, nor does He make mistakes:

God will not forget anything because forgetting is an ungodly act, which reeks of human limitations and failing. Similarly, God will not make a mistake, because making mistakes is an ungodly act.

“…… my Lord never errs, nor forgets”.

[Holy Qur´an (20:52)]

God performs Godly acts:

He has power over all things: The Islamic concept of God is that God has power over all things. The Holy Qur’an says in several places:

“For verily Allah has power over all things” [Qur´an (2:106)]

“Allah is the doer of all He intends”

[Holy Qur´an (85:16)]

We must keep in mind that Allah intends only Godly acts and not ungodly acts.

Many religions at some point believe, directly or indirectly in the philosophy of anthropomorphism i.e. God becoming a human form.

Their contention is that Almighty God is so pure and holy that He is unaware of the hardships, shortcomings, and feelings of human beings. In order to set the rules for human beings He came down to earth in the form of a human. This deceptive logic has fooled countless millions through the ages. Let us now analyze this argument and see if it stands to reason.

Allah chooses Messengers:

Allah (SWT) need not come down personally for writing the instruction manual. Over the ages Allah has chosen men in every nation to deliver the Divine message. Such chosen men are called as messengers and prophets of God.

Some people are `blind’ and `deaf’:

Despite the absurdity of the philosophy of anthropomorphism, followers of many religions believe in and preach it to others. Is it not an insult to human intelligence and to the Creator who gave us this intelligence? Such people are truly `deaf’ and `blind’ despite the faculty of hearing and sight given to them by Allah. Allah says:

“Deaf, dumb, and blind, they will not return (to the path).”

[Holy Qur´an 2:18]

The Bible gives a similar message in the Gospel of Mathew:

“Seeing they see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.” [Matthew 13:13]

A similar message is also given in the Hindu Scriptures in the Rigveda

“There maybe someone who sees the words and yet indeed do not see them; may be another one who hears these words but indeed does not hear them”

[Rigveda 10:71:4]

All these Scriptures are telling its reader that though the things are made so clear, yet they divert away from the truth.

Allah knows Best