Dark Energy and Gravity in Quran

After the Big Bang the Universe was filled with smoke and gravity was trying to pull it around itself where as the dark energy was putting effort to expand the universe. Thus the dark energy was and is repulsive to gravity.

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This is also quoted by a leading website in astronomy which is Universetoday.com

The following site states

“The only repulsive force that arises in similar cosmological discussions is one due to dark energy – or the cosmological constant, to be more specific. Dark energy is something very different than dark matter. This force makes the expansion of the Universe accelerate and it is due to the negative pressure of dark energy which may be argued to cause this “repulsive gravity”. However, dark energy is not composed of any particles. It’s just a number uniformly attached to every volume of space.

According to this study, matter and antimatter gravitationally repel each other and create a kind of “antigravity” that could do away with the need for dark energy in the universe.

Bondi pointed out that a negative mass will fall toward (and not away from) “normal” matter, since although the gravitational force is repulsive, the negative mass (according to Newton’s law, F=ma) responds by accelerating in the opposite of the direction of the force.


Thus the gravity and dark energy were opposing each other until Allah ordered them to from planets and galaxies, this is mentioned in Quran in following verse

“He placed firmly embedded mountains on it, towering over it, and blessed it and measured out its nourishment in it, laid out for those who seek it-all in four days. Then He turned to heaven when it was smoke and said to it and to the earth, “Come willingly or unwillingly.” They BOTH said, “We come willingly.” (Qur’an, 41:10-11)

Here Quran clearly states that after the event of great explosion and during the formation of Universe everything was nothing but smoke, Further it also talk about two energy (Earth’s Gravitational Force) referring to general gravity  and Heaven i.e. universe (Dark energy) to come willingly to form the Earth our planet.

Back 1400 years ago the Dark energy and Gravity was not discovered and everything above earth i.e. Universe was referred as Space. Thus Quran used Heaven and Earth to detonate these two forces.