Commentary about Sahih Bukhari 232 and Bukhari 230

Commentary about Sahih Bukhari 232 and Bukhari 230


Did Our Mother Aisha may Allah be pleased with her used to scrape The Semen of Prophet Mohammed off the clothes and what is the context of that, what is for and what is all about?


First things first let us quote these two Authentic hadith wordings from Bukhari. Yes that is right they are Authentic hadith, let us understand the context.

Chapter: If the (traces of) Janaba (semen) or other spots are not removed completely on washing

Chapter: The washing out of semen with water and rubbing it off (when it is dry) and the washing out of what comes out of women (i.e., discharge)

Explanation of the Hadith and Response to the offensive comments by the Islamophobes:


This EDUCATIONAL Story took place between Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him as a husband and his wife our mother Aisha may Allah be pleased with her.

This story is to teach us Muslims about what to do in terms of religious rulings cleaning, washing and showering after having intimate relationship with our spouse.

Obviously the potential for some of teh husband semen t come in contact with clothes is a possibility, which as Muslim husbands and wives and Muslims in general need to learn what to do with clothes that has some traces or spots of semen. Do we have to wash all the clothes or the parts on which the semen traces or spots are. Or do nothing.

So basically, Educating Muslims is the morale of the hadiths, here are some of what we have learnt for purifications from religious point of view.

If he has intercourse with his wife, do his clothes become naajis

Is it necessary to wash the bedclothes when they get contaminated with sexual fluids?

Differences between semen (maniy) and urethral fluid (madhiy)

Ruling on the purity of maniy (semen)

What is ghusl required and when is it mustahabb?