Amazing Discovery By Quran

Amazing Discovery By Quran | Quran more than 1400 years ago knows the present world, that would it would be like.

Quran states in 57:20. “Know that the present, worldly life is but a play, vain talk and ostentation, and mutual boasting among you,and competing in wealth and children – it is like when rain comes down and the vegetation grown by it pleases the farmers, (but) then it dries up and you see it turn yellow, then it becomes straw; and in the Hereafter, there is a severe punishment, but also (there is) forgiveness from God and His good pleasure (which are everlasting), whereas the present, worldly life is but a transient enjoyment of delusion.”

Quran in [57:20] Know that this worldly life is no more than play and games, and boasting among you, and hoarding of money and children. It is like abundant rain that produces plants and pleases the disbelievers. But then the plants turn into useless hay, and are blown away by the wind. In the Hereafter there is either severe retribution, or forgiveness from GOD and approval. This worldly life is no more than a temporary illusion.

The expression translated as the present, worldly life also means the basic elements or attributes of the present life. So by this expression, the Qur’ān denotes, rather than the world, the life that pertains to the bodily or material dimension of human existence. Otherwise, the world is the field to be sown for harvest in the Hereafter, and is also the place where God’s Names are manifested.

Further More the Quran says in 57:21

“And (rather than competing for the things of this world) race with one another to forgiveness from your Lord, and to a Garden the vastness of which is as the vastness of heaven and earth, prepared for those who truly believe in God and His Messengers. That is God’s bounty, which He grants to whom He wills. God is of tremendous bounty.”